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Are there any Psychic bloggers?

  1. Hey I have been wondering if there are any psychic/paranormal bloggers out there for a while. I have always been curious of the paranormal and would like to read about it. I also have a question for a psychic? But I have no idea where to ask a psychic that isn't just a person trying to rip me off, moneywise. On my right hand I have a birthmark that is like a dark reddish color and I have come to the realization this past year that it sort of looks like the ace of spades. I have asked some people around me what it looks like and they have said the same thing. It kind of creeps me out. If anyone has any insight on this please let me know.


    P.S. Please leave a link of your blog : )

    The blog I need help with is

  2. invisiblemikey

    If you go to your home page and hit the "Topics" tab (instead of the default Freshly Pressed), you'll get a cloud block of topic tags with a search box. Type in "psychic" or whatever specific keyword relates to your inquiry. There are many.

    As far as your birthmark goes, I think humans are hard-wired to look for deeper meanings and significance even where there isn't any. That's why Jesus keeps showing up on tacos and toast. You have a cool mark of identity on your hand. You also have a destiny, which you are creating with each new decision you make.

  3. Funny you should say that, Mikey. The foam on my latte looked just like a cross today. Weird, huh?

  4. invisiblemikey

    LOL - Hope you drank it with appropriate reverence.

  5. The froth on the head of my pint of Guiness looked like Buddha. Think it was meant to be a clover, but looked like Buddha to me. Must be a sign.

    That I should stop drinking.

  6. I knew tltcl would say that.

  7. Ha!

  8. If there ARE psychic bloggers here, they'd know about this thread, right?

  9. I'm evil, I know. But I found this thread.

  10. thescarletnumbers

  11. Who knew this'd devolve into jokes? :P

  12. I'm an Empath. Does that count? ;)

  13. And I'm up the garden path :D

  14. moonbeammcqueen

    I see a book deal, screen adaptations and a talk show circuit in my future. Oh, and a million dollars. I'll keep you posted.

    (Seriously, you could probably do a Google search and find a hundred of them.)

  15. You can....and they all charge for 'remote' readings. Lol.

    @dovesgold. Lol. I'm up the garden path AND in the potty er sorry, potting shed.

  16. I am not psychic, but I found this thread. Does that mean I am psychic?

  17. @Jessie 'ats okay I think there's a form of scrying using water lol or plant pots; I use marbles....oh eck...there's a hole in mi bag :(

    @Tearlily - no honestly the mark doesn't mean anything sinister; please don't worry about it, just enjoy your life, and don't let people con you or rip you off trying to convince you it has meaning. People like that just work on your fears, don't let them hook you.

  18. Regarding the birthmark, check all over your body for an area that seems to have less pigmentation than it should, in a similar shape of that birthmark. It's something I've noticed with a few people. Almost like the area was cut out and put somewhere else on the body.

  19. I had a mole that changed. It turned out to be malignant. So yes, do check out moles, birthmarks etc for changes. It could save your did mine.

  20. haha you all are funny. and thank you everyone for your input. I actually checked the topics/tag page but didn't find much of anything. even used paranormal and such but came up with paranormal writers. like books...

  21. For what it's worth, you might enjoy this: An Occupy protester did a palm and tarot card reading of Julian Assange, then another woman did his astrology.

  22. Thank so much raincoaster! you have been super helpful on any of my question type posts. and so have others on here!

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