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Are there any templates that don't accept photographs?

  1. My blog is constantly being scraped, and since I'm lazy and don't want to have to go through each post and delete each individual photograph, is there a template I can change to that simply won't show them?
    I'm hoping...

  2. I hate reading the effect of blog scraping in the forums.
    If you have chosen to remove all the photos from your blog.
    you should be able delete them in the media library, much easier.

    Dashboard ---> Manage ---> media library.

    (download the pictures you wish to keep, if you don't have them alrady on your computer)

  3. Thanks... I've decided to simply delete the posts. Quicker, since not all of my photographs are listed in the media library. I appreciate your help.

  4. There are no themes that do not display photos. But if you set the blog to Private that will prevent NEW images from being scraped.

  5. Thanks, but setting the blog to 'private' sort of defeats my purpose. I just won't post anymore photos, and have deleted all of my posts (except the ones I'm fighting over copyrights on). Sad to have to do that, but I saw no other reasonable option. Thanks for your help though.
    On the other hand, my new theme (after today) won't have any photos... :->

  6. You could always just post them as a link to a file, rather than the image itself. Would that work for you?

  7. Maybe so... but I'm rather disgusted at the moment, and would simply prefer not to share my photographs via WordPress. Good idea, though. I'll give it some thought. Thanks.

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