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Are there any women that work for WordPress?

  1. Looking at this picture again of the staff, I thought of if there are any women that work for WordPress? Just being nosy. lol

    ~ * runs and hides * ~

  2. No. If they needed writers I'd be all over this, trust me. I already spend 14 hours a day at WordPress, why not make some cash at it.

  3. Maya does and she just had a little one.

    I anyone from staff see's this thread, do note that Mark is still listed as Podz on teh Automattic site.

  4. Isn't it correct to say "Maya is on leave"? If that's not the case then you can say "Maya is about to be sleep deprived and overworked like you would not believe."

  5. "Maya has her head buried under a pillow most nights"?

    I don't even think we've seen here in the forums here.

  6. What does or did Maya do at wordpress prior to being on leave?

  7. Not a clue but she and the other Matt seems to have the biggest write up over on the About page.

  8. so far, all we know about maya's job is that by her own admission she can't code.

  9. Fascinating.

  10. Neither can I. Do they need someone to replace her while she's on leave?

  11. So what does she do if she can't code? Hmmm.

  12. Cook the BBQ?

  13. Kint for the boys? :)

    Hmm, can't code, huh? Neither can I but that's never stopped me.

  14. *jokes*

    Obviously, she's the one who has the babies.


  15. I knew I should have put in that resume months ago.

  16. Maybe she's a site designer.

  17. Seems like Michael's been doing most of the site designs lately.

  18. Which M is he please?

  19. Michael Adams I believe.

    They do seem to have a lot of folks over there with names starting with the letter M.

    *chuckle* I know one of the puppeteers on Seseme Street. I wonder if I can get them a guest spot. :)

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