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Are there format, or Administrator Drop down changes taking place right now?

  1. I'm with everyone else on this and raincoaster said it very well.

    Given the number of times I click between blogs each day, I have to say that the additional difficulty switching back and forth is extremely annoying. I really don't like it.

    1. Hear! Hear! I find the right to left change of the former "Blogs" drop-down menu to be counter-intuitive and annoying. I used to be able to switch between my blogs quickly and now that switch is annoyingly slow.

    Better, right!? Now on the right hand side of the admin bar where your Gravatar is displayed, you have easy access to your user profile, all the blogs you can contribute to, and all the comments you’ve made across

    2. Wrong. I do not comprehend how the duplication of buttons found in the left hand Admin column and now in the right hand drop-down can be considered as simplification? I find the duplication of buttons to perform functions in the new drop-down on the right that I can already have in left Admin menu column to be unnecessary. Does this mean the left hand Admin column is going to be eliminated?

    3. Thanks but I don't need to see my avatar in the right-hand drop-down "box" in fact I don't display avatars at all in the comments on my front page Recent Comments widget so my page loading time is quicker. Now I have an Admin section where everything is loading SLOWLY. I don't know if removing the gravatar would speed it up or not but I don't need to see me when I'm switching from blog to blog so I consider that addition to be unnecessary.

    3. The page loading time in my Admin section used to be quick and now no matter which button I click the page loading time is annoyingly SLOW. I spent a considerable portion of my time yesterday clearing my browser cache and cookies and rebooting my computer to no avail. I'm on XP using Firefox 6.0.2, my Flash is updated, there are no known issues with my ISP. I even unplugged my router and then reconnected but that did not speed page loading time when I logged in again. I deactivated Zemanta and that did not help either.

    4. In response to my iPad users' requests I deactivated the "follow" button at the bottom of my blogs and deactivated the mobile theme function. Apparently, they have trouble leaving comments due to that little "follow" pop-up.

  2. How can I deactivate the Follow button at the bottom of the blog? I would love to, but can't seem to find that option.

  3. That's done here > Dashboard. Click on Settings, then Reading, then Email.

  4. Help Please !!

    I am very new into WordPress, and I was shocked to experience this !!
    I was actually experimenting with backgrounds in my blog by putting up different images, but I was shocked to see that even though I had deleted all the images (from Media Library) after I was done with the checking, I never got back my space.

    As for now I have enough storage, but what if this keeps on happening in the future too ??

    Also, I did find some people saying that we could make a new blog and link our files from there, but what if I didn't want to do that.

    Thanks in Advance !!

  5. OK, so how do I deactivate that "UNFOLLOW" link in the blog control panel? I went to Dashboard > Settings > Reading > Email, but that leads only and exclusively to the "Follow" button. It has no option for de-selecting the "UNFOLLOW" button.


  6. thanks, timethief. Any wisdom on hiding the number of followers from those who choose to subscribe?

  7. @smilingsun08

    I was shocked to see that even though I had deleted all the images (from Media Library) after I was done with the checking, I never got back my space.

    We never get back space when we delete images. Free blogs come with 3000 megabytes (~3 GBs) of space for storing uploaded files and images.

  8. @katemckinnon
    You can delete the number of followers displayed by the blog subscription widget here > Appearance > Widgets by opening the widget and removing the check mark and then clicking "save" and "close".

  9. So what's the apparent solution then ?? Isn't there any way of getting back the space (however little it be), after I have deleted my files from the Media Library ??

    What if I keep on experimenting from today and one day, I will lose all my 3 GB ?? :D

    I would like to know the "Solution" please :)

  10. @smilingsun08
    There is no solution other than accepting what is. 3000 megabytes (~3 GBs) of space for storing uploaded files and images is a huge amount of space. If you require more space then you purchase a space upgrade. I have been here 5 1/2 years and use many images and yet have only 30.3 MB used, 3.0 GB (99.0%) upload space remaining.

  11. 5 and Half years and only 30.3 MB ??? Hahahaha...Wow !!
    You trying for a Guiness Book of World Records or something ??

    But, thanks for telling me that .... I think then probably, I should also get started with what's left :)
    Thank you so much !!

  12. @lornakismet

    Dashboard > Settings > Reading > Email, but that leads only and exclusively to the "Follow" button.

    On that page I see this:
    Follow button __ Hide follow button to logged for logged out users
    "Save Changes".

    Can you please explain where this "UNFOLLOW" is appearing to visitors on your blog? I'm not able to locate it.

  13. @smilingsun08
    You're welcome.

  14. - Sweeping changes to layout need to be announced more prominently. Consider FRESH PRESSing them, for the benefit of all users. I administer a blog for a bunch of non-technical people and they're all horribly confused now, and unfortunately I didn't know this was coming to prepare them. (Or myself.) [And yes, as others have pointed out, this is bad timing in light of FB's recent changes and annoying "we really don't care what the users think" approach in general. (I think better of WordPress; I also expect better.)]

    - Right-hand menus are NOT easier. They are *especially* problematic if windows are not maximized; it's possible for the crucial menu to vanish right off the visible screen.

    - Hover-over menu expansions are a pain, and I find they do not work at all in a mobile (in my case, meaning "blackberry" browser) environment. Moving EVERYTHING under them means I can't even monitor activity remotely on my (admittedly sucky, not-my-choice) mobile technology.

  15. @smilingsun08
    I just thought of something I ought to share with you. The best image quality and best use of space techniques to employ are to compress all image files and presize all images prior to uploading them. Many bloggers upload HUGE files that are space wasters. Moreover when you do not presize images the cropper comes into play and that results in a loss of image quality. In the future will you please not post unrelated issues into existing forum threads like this one? Please start new threads as this off-topic exchange in threads becomes very confusing.

  16. TimeThief, the "Unfollow" is HUGELY prominent, and replaces the "Follow" button once you have clicked it. Oddly, the button appears on the bar even for your own blog- try it. Click "Follow," to follow yourself, and you will see the "Unfollow" replace it.

    It is, perhaps, not what we would all wish to have at the top of our blogs.

    I echo the other commenters about the oddness of having menus on the right- it's a very inconvenient location, especially since we do have that entire useful admin bar now being badly underused. Bank of America stubbornly keeps their "Log Out" button at the upper right. It's lame for we laptop users with many windows open at once- the upper right is where things tend to fall of the edge of the hard-window earth.

  17. @katemckinnon
    I will log out of and visit your blog to witness what you mean.

  18. @katemckinnon
    I deactivated the "follow" button at the bottom right of my blogs and when I visited your blog I did not see it at the bottom right hand corner. I clicked 'follow" and then"unfollow" on the gray Admin bar on your blog, but I must be thick or looking in the wrong place because I cannot find m "Unfollow" that is HUGELY prominent.

    When I clicked your link in your email widget this is what I got:
    "The Blog In Your Email
    Please check your email to confirm following this blog."

    I'm puzzled. :S

  19. @Timethief --

    Thank you for responding!!

    Here is the URL with a post that shows a picture of the "unfollow" link in the blog control panel.


  20. @katemckinnon
    I forgot to state prior to my second sentence above about the gray Admin bar "Follow" and "unfollow" links that I logged in again to

  21. @lornakismet
    Oops! You forgot to post the URL above.

  22. Yes, that is where I am seeing it too, from the admin bar. How odd is that? I'd post a screenshot here, if that was an option.

    This is why I recommend trying it from your own personal blog. Click to follow yourself, and then you will see the Unfollow pop up.

    It is counterintuitive that we would only see this administratively for our own blogs (who needs to follow and unfollow themselves?) so my natural assumption was that this was visible in some way to readers.

  23. Ah, I see that you did find it in the admin bar. I consider that "hugely prominent", as it is in the top left where we all naturally look for instructions.

    Why would we want to display a prominent link that invites people to Unfollow us?

  24. @lornakismet and @gringitack you should subscribe to email updates on ;-)

  25. @katemckinnon, while you may have a single author blog, many blogs have multiple authors where following is very useful. I'm the only author on my blog and I still follow it so I can see how other people will see the notifications.

  26. @lornakismiet and @katemckinnon

    Ah ... I do see that -follow now.

  27. @timethief

    We never get back space when we delete images.

    This isn't true. If you are experiencing this it's a bug.

  28. Timethief, I'm glad you see it now.

    It is what everyone sees as soon as they follow a blog, the constant invitation to unfollow. In fact, I think I recall seeing posts about this before... it must not be new, just newly re-noticed.

    It is a choice that WP is making, but from a marketing standpoint, perhaps not the best one for the blog owners. Ideally (however manipulative it feels) you want to make it easier to arrive than depart.

  29. @nickmomrik
    Now that we have some duplicated links in the new right-hand drop-down that can already be found in our left hand column on our Admin page. Consequently, I'm not clear about what was "simplified". I'm not experiencing "simplicity". I'm experiencing redundancy (duplicated links) and added complexity when it comes to switching blogs, as well as, slower page loading times in my Admin section.

    I'm also looking at an Admin bar that has sparklines which I can live without given I now had two links I can click to access site Stat. What's confusing to me is that this gray Admin bar is for us users. That Admin bar stretches all the way across the top of the page so the question that arises is why is that space now empty and what plans may be in the works for filling it?

    I'm an honest person and my loyalty to is unquestionable. However, I can't focus on "the big picture" and that's not surprising as Staff have not shared their "vision" for the development of Admin bar and dashboard changes with us users.

    Mood: sad :( and somehat annoyed by the "shiny, new" marketing speak as well.

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