Are there format, or Administrator Drop down changes taking place right now?

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    I agree with timethief’s assessment. What’s the point of having an admin bar if you’re just going to put two tiny links on either side? It’s like having a pointless thick grey line along the top of the page now.

    It just seems like fixing something that wasn’t broken to begin with.



    why is that space now empty and what plans may be in the works for filling it?

    My initial feeling was that they are working up to scrapping the admin bar in favour of a single button in one corner, much like the ‘follow’ button they just ripped off tumblr. I am now wondering whether they might be planning to stick ecopressed links or something in there instead. There doesn’t seem much point in leaving it empty when the potential for monetisation is there.

    I do feel that the new setup is distinctly lacking in accessibility for those on mobile devices and others who for various reasons might have trouble using a mouse, but then the policy does seem to be to push mobile users off onto apps rather than making the main site usable for them.



    Fri, Sep 23, 2011 07:45 PM PST

    I just now checked my blog to see if the “UNFOLLOW” button in the blog’s control panel on the Home Page was still there. It is. It is a most unpleasant feeling. 8-(





    @ nickmomrik

    This is regarding the loss of space storage while adding media to our blog and eventually deleting it. I had experienced it as I had written earlier in this thread.

    Timethief said there’s no solution to this and that we never get back our space !!
    But, you said that that’s a bug.

    Would you please tell me how I can report this to be a bug, so that I get my space back. Thanks in advance.


    I did not realize this thread was already here, so I started my own. Its very clear that the new drop down menu is now very good and I don´t see the point in using three extra clicks just to add new post, when WP are saying it´s all shiny and easy to use.
    No it´s not.
    For the majority of users, they have one blog. So the majority don´t need the easy click option to jump from one blog to the other, but to easy click once to add new post, as adding a new post is the entire idea of WordPress. if no one posted any new posts, no one would have a blog, right?
    You have this entire dark grey header, which you don´t use. Since we are the users and you basically just provide us with the tools, why not put some more tools in the toolbox and let us decide which tool to use. the most frustrating thing about sing a toolbox, real or not, is havig to search for the right one. Oh, there is the spanner! Oh no, it´s blocking something….


    Apropos the follow/unfollow link… that was there before this change, but on other people’s blogs that we followed, but was ‘subscribe’/’unsubscribe’. It’s one of the few changes I don’t have a problem with because I think that people should have the choice to unsubscribe from a blog whenever they want to. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d much rather have subscribers who actually want to read my blog rather than people who’ve subscribed and lost interest but can’t find a way to unsubscribe.



    Just want to add to the general comments that something that was simple has been made complicated. It has cost me a couple of hours at least trying to work out how to even get into my blog as it wasn’t clear that I had logged on, and asking for help. Three clicks to get there. Just silly. If you want to do something really useful it would be to make ones own particular choice of stuff on the Dashboard, left, be available on the drop down, or added to the drop down …so one can access what one usually uses without having to search through a long list of everything every time. But maybe I am missing something. And go back to the old simple format.
    A lot of people like me are using Wordpess because it is supposed to be simple.
    Took me a month! Cheers.



    What a great suggestion, allowing users to configure the Admin toolbar with what they most need.

    For me, that is a “New” or “New Post” button, and an Edit Post button. A “Comments” button would be great.

    Dropdown crossovers should be eliminated, and NOTHING of importance should ever be placed in any web page in the upper right. There are just too many of us on small screens for that. Upper right is so 1990.

    Another thing that would be wonderful is is WP could put “switch to mobile version” somewhere easy for mobile people to get to. It doesn’t always recognize my IPad as mobile when I get on, and it’s such a pain.



    I’m sure this has been mentioned.. but I find it annoying to go through extra motions to get to my dashboard.. my main go to page when I first deal with any blog stuff…

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