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Are there format, or Administrator Drop down changes taking place right now?

  1. Are there changes taking place, like a scheduled maintenance, or reformatting the user/administrator option drop downs right now? I have been experiencing some strange events today, in editing, as well as my Administrator Nav Bar's options have changed.. I'm just trying to figure out if I missed an announcement, and you guys are working on something, or if it's a problem with my server, or computer...Thanks .

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We're rolling out a major overhaul to the admin bar, but this should have no effect on editing or anything else in the Dashboard.

    Can you please try clearing your browser's cookies and cache?

  3. I already reported the admin bar wonkiness.

  4. Yes,I have cleared my cache a few times already...but, for some reason, earlier today, while editing a post my screen resolution...Or, well all the font's, header..and overall site shrunk ...I tried a screen resolution setting, but the only option I had was to make it look even smaller, or make it larger than it was before, thereby not fitting my screen anymore. It affected an already posted article also, ( A poem that was structured in the shape of a diamond ) it left one word that was in a sentence, sitting alone between the sentence, and the next sentence line...all alone...Turns out, I really didn't need that word anyway, so was a quick repair...but, only because I didn't have time to get into it at the moment.

    I'm just trying to see if it's possibly something you guys are working on, so I can stop trying to beat my Control Panel senseless, If so, I'll just take a break...

  5. Yeah, that isn't something that we're working on.

    It sounds like you may have accidentally adjusted your browser's zoon rate. Can you please sure that is set to 100% or Actual Size? Depending on your browser, this is either under the View or Window menu.

  6. I have cleared my cache several times too but to no avail.

    The only way I can reach my Dashboard is by moving the cursor over my "Name" on the far right said of the top bar -- which is now inexplicably solid black, then move the cursor over the name of my blog at the bottom of a drop down tree, then click and go to "Dashboard."

    What was instantaneous earlier in the day now requires three additional steps.

  7. Okay,I'll look into that, thanks, as it all took place ...(the Admin Bar options and the resolution thing) at about the same time,,,it got really confusing...especially while editing, or publishing a post...thanks.

  8. Although I'm grateful for the freeness of WordPress, this gets frustrating when all of a sudden changes are made to the admin bar.

    That being said, here is what I REALLY LIKED, which is no longer there anymore, as of 3 PM HST (9 PM EDT).

    I WANT the "New" dropdown, where you can easily do a New post, media, etc. I do NOT want this deal where you have to

    1. Click on your user name in the admin bar
    2. Mouse over the "New"
    3. Move your mouse to whatever "New" thing you want.

    Keep it simple.

    And thank you WordPress.

  9. Yeah...that's sort of what was happening with mine too,, I'm looking at a screen half the size as it was this morning, and hoping that many other post formatting, hasn't been misaligned, as the one poem was... If I knew it was something that will clear up when the maintenance is finished, I can wait. But, I will check the Zoon, as suggested...Mac

  10. Were you talking about the browser zoom?

  11. I agree Kauil, I was just getting real comfortable with the new admin bar, which was new to me as I was away from the blog basically for a few months...and I really LIKED the latest option drop downs...or, well, not the immediate

  12. No, mac, I went to View, dropped to Zoom, and hit change at all...the only change I found was after closing my browser to enable it to reset, and coming back on..there is no longer anywhere on my site that will take me here to the forums..had to go to the Meta, and then to Fresh Press to get here?

  13. Here's some advice from a person who has been here for 5 1/2 years. Posting into these threads while major changes are underway usually leads to expressions of annoyance and frustration. I say with kindness > please consider logging out and finding something else to do when major changes are being made. Then you will avoid the frustration of remaining logged in and experiencing the bumpy ride.

  14. Was this a scheduled maintenance, with an announcement I missed, as I got the memo about a new ( invisible to the signed in users) "Follow" tab...which sounded cool to me.. but, then this just came out of left field.

  15. Yes, that is probably the best suggestion I have heard T.T. Wish I knew not to sign in though.

  16. @fromtheleft If your name is in solid black your browser is most likely aggressively caching the old styles. If you are visiting your blog you can hover over the Blog Name on the left side of the menu and you'll get some quick shortcuts there that are specific to the blog you are viewing.

  17. This is what macmanx ( Staff) has said above:

    We're rolling out a major overhaul to the admin bar, but this should have no effect on editing or anything else in the Dashboard.
    Can you please try clearing your browser's cookies and cache?

    That is all we know.

  18. Yes, I responded to that post.
    Is this not the Support Forum?

  19. I noticed this as well. I also preferred the way it was this morning to the way it is right now. The UI was easier. I do not like the recent trend towards increasingly stripped-down and modernistic interfaces that sacrifice clarity and ease of use for a more "sophisticated" or "clean" look. This is a triumph of aesthetics over functionality, and is generally a very bad idea.

    I think that to the extent that there is frustration, that can only be exacerbated by the completely idiotic and sweeping changes that FB forced on its users in the last 36 hours. To the extent that there is an overlap in the uses of this service and that, there are likely to be ripple effects.

  20. Also, my browser is set to dump cache, clear history, etc - as should anyone's be who is concerned about privacy - upon close. The first thing I did when I noticed the new and bizarre behavior of the administrative toolbar was to kill my browser sessions, make sure that they'd been cleared from the history, that no quiescent processes were continuing to run, etc. Then I logged back in and was dismayed to find that this was yet another pointless UI overhaul. Evidently the principle of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" has gone the way of the dinosaur in today's technological development environment.

  21. All I say is what I said before... PLEASE RESTORE THE FORMER MENU OPTIONS IN THE ADMIN BAR...


    The multiple dropdown-crossover-to-another-dropdown menus are just too hard to use.

    Is this the final look for the UI? If it's not finished, at least keep the "New" dropdown.

  22. I second that.


    But they won't. I've been around four years and everytime they start meddling with the system, ostensibly to improve our blogging experience, it makes things worse and leaves a trail of angry, frustrated, community members ready to throttle the tech department.

  23. I actually like the new bar, though it will take a while to get used to. I say give it a try for a bit!

  24. WordPress doesn't understand the concept and the value of the old axiom: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

  25. I have a possibly related question. I do NOT want WP displaying the number of followers my blog has to random people. I have disabled the "Join xxx Other People!" display in my Subscribe widget, but that dang black Follow box gives the information anyway.

    Is this new, or have I just missed it in the past? I do not wish to share my blog stats or number of followers with anyone, and want to disable this in all modes.


  26. I will say as well, to echo other people who were taken aback by the changes to the Admin bar- truly this is free software. But many of us have come to trust and rely on it, and do pay to use it professionally. I pay for extra storage space, video, no ads, etc., and feel that I should have *some* leeway to ask for improvements if new changes make things harder.

    Dropdown crossovers ARE in fact more difficult to use, and I was so glad to see the NEW button appear in the admin bar, because I could easily bring up a new post without having to swim through menus.

    I will miss it if in fact it is going to be gone.

  27. Now I see that others here are experiencing problems too, so I know it's not my just blog in particular.

    When I log in to my blog, I usually do not read the WP news first. I usually do my blog work and then sometimes read Freshly Pressed and scan around for new themes. :-)

    So thus, whereas WP did due diligence to let bloggers know, they did it in an area where I do not always read first. From now on when I see anything screwy I will click to the WordPress news to see if the crew is doing any heavy lifting work and it will keep me from a heart attack that somehow my blog is going down the tubes. :-) :-) :-)

    I quickly scanned the notice, and was so relieved that I did not read all of the particulars so I cannot comment on them.

    I can tell you though, that seeing the invitation to "UNFOLLOW" stopped my breath for a few seconds. I hate it that viewers can see it and perhaps click onto it if.


  28. Given the number of times I click between blogs each day, I have to say that the additional difficulty switching back and forth is extremely annoying. I really don't like it.

    We have an admin bar that stretches all the way across the top of the page. Why would we not use this space wisely? If we're not using it all, why are we looking at so many damn black pixels? If all we have is one little icon, why in hell do we need the bar at all?

  29. For everyone commenting about switching between blogs, if you hover your cursor over your profile pic on the far right, a drop menu has the blogs you own. Hover over the blog in question and another drop down menu gives you options where to go. It is actually easier than the old setup if you know it is there.

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