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Are there now going to be ads on my blog?

  1. Do I understand we must pay to keep this from happening?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. In the Terms of Service you agreed to - WordPress.COM reserves the right to run ads on your blog to pay for you getting a "free" blog

    Some people add a disclaimer about the ads to their site

    I pay $ 30.-- / year for my main site for the no ads upgrade and have a disclaimer on the blog for cookie recipes and such

  3. Yes, but signed up nearly 5 years ago and no such ads have appeared. Should they suddenly start this up (as I heard recently), will I be alerted to log out and check? This many years later I do not regularly log out just to see what's changed.

  4. I have been told the ads have ran since 2006 or so - the standard ads do not appear unless you are logged out. They also do not appear for anyone that is logged into a WordPress.COM account.

    If you are in the WordAds program then the ads appear for everyone all the time, but this is an opt in revenue sharing program that you would need to apply for and be accepted into

    From what I have seen in the forum the ads have not always appeared in the past.

  5. @ameliespp
    auxclass is correct. The ads have been on our blogs since 2006.

  6. Oops! Here's the link re: No Ads Upgrade.

  7. Timethief, I just signed out. Where are the ads on my blog?

  8. Look at the end of your blog posts. places ads at the end of posts which are easy to identify as this link accompanies them

  9. Sorry to be difficult Timethief, but I logged out and looked. Both at the page and individual posts. I don't see a single ad. Which ones did you see? Walmart? Microsoft? Which ones?

    Is it possible it's keeping me logged in in some odd way? (It shows me as completely logged out on appearance).

  10. I'm also in the iPad. Maybe the ads aren't loading.

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