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Are there trackbacks or pingbacks on your blog?

  1. Would like to understand this concept visually, on a real blog. Please be specific as to where they are at. Thanks-

    The blog I need help with is

  2. When pingbacks from links on other blogs turn up in "comments" on my dashboard, I evaluate them and decide whether to approve or move to trash. If the pingback is from from a blog that I already know or decide that I like, I will approve it.

    The approved pingback will then appear in the comment section of the post. It's just a snippet between brackets, the anchor words that link to your blog. There's a pingback from a friend's WordPress blog at the end of this post. ..

  3. Hi Tricia... I like your blog. The black and white pictures are great and I like those fuzzy hats. Never been to Coney Island but I've heard of it and it looks like fun. Especially that skinny man with the mustache and the legs lady --they remind me of this story I started about a young girl that grew up with a traveling circus. Did they have animals in the carnival when you grew up?

    I see the pingback. So funny because I posted this and then got a pingback on my own blog. Nobody seems to know where it originated. I don't get how it got connected to my blog, except that it was a response to a thread I was on at someone else's blog. Does the person with the original thread decide to ping? pingpongpingpong


  4. I got a pingback from a motorcycle boots blog (don't even ask, it doesn't make any sense to me, either). I still don't know what a pingback is!

  5. @meganmulder, I suggest clicking on the pingback and checking out the link to see if the site is legit before "approving." I've gotten a few pb's from splogs or blogs that had stolen my content or used it to drive traffic to their site. I wouldn't have known except for the automatic pingback. An example of a pb that one would want to approve would be the NY Times City Room blog. Looks good in the comments!

    @gigisanchez, when you edit a post, if you look beneath the text box, you'll find a section that says "Send trackbacks" where you can type in urls of blogs that you've linked in your post. It says: "Trackbacks are a way to notify legacy blog systems that you’ve linked to them. If you link other WordPress blogs they’ll be notified automatically using pingbacks, no other action necessary." I'm not sure if pb's bring in traffic like comments, but it is a friendly gesture. There is an explanation here:

    ps..thanks for reading my blog. if you have a chance to visit Coney, stop by for a free game. nope, no animals with the carnival, except the occasional monkey or elephant!

  6. I'm lost with meganmulder...

    Electricia1, Thanks. I got a pingback right after I wrote this post. Or maybe it was a trackback? It showed up in my comments with [...] blah blah blah [...] But it doesn't allow me to approve or dissaprove it. There's nothing but the words and where it came from. I don't know who sent it. Party B (below) didn't know either. Maybe it was Party A?

    Thread from Party A (I was on this thread)
    Party B sees the the thread and posts a link to it on her blog
    I get the pingback or trackback or hunchback or quarterback or whatever the heck it is...

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