Are these people infringing WP copyright?

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    Got a link back to one of my posts from I was interested to note their template, and perhaps WP will be too! Follow the tabs there and you will see even more examples of what appear to be rip-offs from WP and others. The blog itself on the link above seems to exist mostly as a vehicle for the ads, some of them very annoying…

    I am Lines from a Floating Life.



    That’s nasty! The template’s not an issue: it’s Garland, which was designed for Drupal and adapted for WordPress. I believe it’s freely available.

    But they are definitely a blog scraper. You might want to email them and assert your copyright, or you can contact the company with the ads and report them there; that’s highly effective.



    “There have been a lot of questions recently about how to deal with blog scrapers, and i thought it might be useful to put up a step-by-step guide for sending a DMCA notice (or not).”

    Please refer to this excellent instructional forum post by judyb12 …
    DMCA or Not?

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