Are these stats high enough to make an income?

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    About a month ago, I began blogging on I have been considering migrating over to in order to take advantage of the advertising option. I am wanting someone in the know to answer the following questions for me:
    -How difficult is it to migrate from, to
    -will I be able to keep all my subscribers/comments/likes etc?
    -Will I still be able to browse other blogs like you can in ‘reader’?

    I am also wondering if it would be financially worth it to migrate as I know you have to pay for hosting etc, so here is a run down on my stats:
    In just over one month the site has been visited nearly 29,000 times. On the busiest day I had 5,500 views.
    I have 1303 subscribers, and that grows by the day.
    I get an average of 1500 views per day.

    I am doing an interview with a melbourne magazine tomorrow which has a huge circulation and once that is published, the views will also increase. I have also filmed with channel 7 recently, and when that goes to air, the views will also be substantial.

    Based on those stats, could I make any money from this?

    Here is the site:

    Any advice would be very much appreciated. Am very new to ‘websites’ I created the site myself, and it was a challenge. Am also wondering if is harder to use.

    Thanks everyone!

    The blog I need help with is



    Basically, no. Those stats are not high enough to make a living income from, even if independently-hosted, unless they also are a highly targeted, desireable demographic.

    Subscribers never see ads, so subscribers don’t make you any money.

    Basically, in order to make money with an independent install, you need to have a good relationship with a premium ad network and in order to get that you have to have a blog that’s been around more than six months, with solid hits, with a well-defined demographic that people will want to advertise to, and you have to be able to articulate all of that.

    Sounds like you have potential, but you need to research the advertising field and wait.


    Thank you so much for the advice and feedback, I really appreciate it. Total rookie here haha



    Well, frankly you’re off to an awesome start. Consider doing your research and moving off in six months. Meanwhile, apply for WordAds.

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