Are UniqueVisitors tracked or only Pageviews in stats?

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    I love watching my stats and being able to see where visitors came from. However after reading the FAQ I had never realized that Pageviews were not seperate visitors. I could be getting 10 visitors a day and 70 page views, so what I want to know is if there is a way to track unique visitors to see exactly how many diffeent people view my blog in one day instead of just pageviews?



    There is currently no way to track unique visitors to a blog for users. Lorelle was talking about a new service that might or might not be working with to give us more precise stats, but in the meantime they are running Google Analytics on our blogs and they are the only ones with those kinds of information.



    Heres a couple that will track unique visitorsSite MeterSTATCOUNTER (Note you have to use the HTML codes for these sites to work on your blog)



    I don’t know if this is going to be possible or not but it would be really great if themes show stats in each post. The cool idea I have is that the graph stats appears in each post. I now have a post that exceeded 10,000 page views so it’s interesting to the readers too.

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