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    One of my work mates is looking to join, but before he got his blog deleted i figured id ask if what he wants to do is allowed >.<

    He writes open source programs, currently he’s working on a blogger (no suprise there lol), email client, textpad, and html/css editor.

    Is it fine for him to have a blog where he hhas all the files. ie he has all the sourceforge files linked from his blog, and uses his blog as a out reach sort of thing.

    I think it should be fine, but not sur if it would fall under trading or not.



    That’s policy and should be directed directly to staff but I don’t see an issue with it.

    One of the Linux distros have their news blog here at You see them on occasion on the top 10 list.



    That would not be a problem – tell him to start blogging :)


    thanks, just wanted to be sure before we started :)

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