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Are We Going To Have Any Help From The Support Term.....

  1. Are we going to have any help from the Support Term about the Subscribers receiving blank WP emails?

    Alot of my subscribers are not receiving emails I send out through WordPress. What is the problem please?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Same problem here . . . for the past 48 hours, all I've been receiving are blank e-mails announcing new posts, comments, and subscribers.

    Is help on the way?

  3. Generally, the forum's a bad way to communicate with staff. Using the Help button on your dashboard is better, because the forum is mostly "staffed" by volunteers, and we don't have any more information than you do.

    Use the Help button to report the problem, and then wait. That's basically all you can do.

  4. I am having the same problem, since Sunday, and I emailed them about it, along with directly emailing some of the groups who were on my WordPress list (ie., BNI, Creeping sharia).

    Will the SUPORT TEAM of WordPress PLEASE SEND US ALL AN ANSWER ON HOW TO FIX IT? My blog name is Evilshallnotprevail.

    Thank you,
    in peace,

  5. The blank emails were limited to folks with Outlook Webmail and AOL, and this should be corrected now.

  6. I got another blank e-mail 10 minutes ago.

  7. Were you using AOL or Outlook webmail? If not, what is you email service?

  8. Yes, AOL.

  9. Thanks, we're looking into it.

  10. Thanks. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you can put things right. :D

  11. bloghopenchangery

    I've been working with support for a day or so. I'm AOL too, seems to be an email formatting problem? First problem I've had in almost 3 years, but am holding off posting on my blog and unsubscribing email notifications to all the wonderful WP blogs I've been following for now. I've had over 200 blank emails in 24 hours :( Plain text option works though, but keeping my html email delivery setting to see if it gets fixed.

    Good luck WordPress, and thanks for all your help.

  12. Glad to hear I'm not the only one receiving blank e-mails regarding comments, posts etc. (I'm on AOL)
    Hoping it will be resolved soon!

  13. I use Incredimail and my server is century-link. Again, the emails are there you just have to scroll down, scroll over, scroll down, scroll over etc... to find them. They are showing up horizontal and not vertical. And located some where in the middle of the email if you can find it.

  14. Staff are still working on resolving this issue. Thanks for posting your details into this thread.

  15. I don't use AOL but Yahoo. Some of my subscribers are receiving the WP mails and alot are not.

  16. Why is it taking so long for WordPress to remedy this problem?

  17. You can throw gmail into the mix also!

  18. This should be all fixed up now. Sorry for the trouble!

  19. YES! I can see the words again.

    Thanks so much!

  20. Still not working on my AOL. :(

  21. Thanks for letting us know, I guess it's back to the drawing board.

  22. Seems to be working this morning. YAY!
    Thanks so much!

  23. johnjamesjacoby

    Apologies for the temporary frustrations. HTML emails will be receiving ongoing tweaks while we unify everything, and the most difficult transitions are behind us.

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