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Are you a Brit?

  1. kathleenbradley1

    Word Press, being American itself, is swarmed with American bloggers. Are there any Brits out there? I would be interested in reading your blogs. I always feel like an outsider when I surf the blogs. Would be good to find someone guys closer to home!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello Kathleen from a fellow Britisher, I'm sitting in Edinburgh right now. Where abouts are you from?

  3. Here I am, living in America... I was sort of wondering the same thing, though, it's good to know we're not alone. My mum is from outside Cardiff, dad's from Scotland.

  4. kathleenbradley1

    Hey! I'm from Kent, right in the south east below London. Looks like it's just the three of us...

  5. heh, didn't realize we were in such a minority.

  6. threestoriestenpoems

    Check out this Brit Blogger:

  7. There's lots of us here. Far more than three.

    Remember that the forum only consists of a TINY number of the WordPress blogging community. If you specifically want to go and find more British bloggers on WordPress then you may want to search other blogs's tags for subjects that interest you.

  8. silvershadowfly

    Hey fellow Brits, I've just created my account on wordpress, so I'm very much a newbie!
    I can see that we are a minority compared to the Americans, but I'm glad there are some brits about.
    I'm at uni in Loughborough, but I am from Grimsby, Lincolnshire area.
    Can you recommend any other bloggers?

  9. I'm a Brit and a Londoner. We are a small, but lovely community here. It's nice to see new Brit bloggers making an appearance. Hello, and welcome.

  10. mikeymiller is awesome. I'm suggesting him to you. I'm American but you should still check me out.

  11. Not a Brit, not American either...but a Dutch New Zealander living in the Netherlands,

    Is there an 'others" category" LOL?

  12. I'm a Brit. Am in rainy Bolton.

  13. kathleenbradley1

    It's so refreshing to read blogs written by British people, I can only half relate when reading others.

    Searching for subjects that interests me through tags does not necessarily work when I am seeking fellow British bloggers; Personally, I do not use 'British' as one of my tags when I write about subjects relating to parenting, education, food etc. and would assume others would not either!

  14. that's a good point, I certainly tend to only have 'UK' or similar as a tag if it's something about the UK that's going to be blogged about by people of all nationalities anyway. But it's nice to read a homegrown piece every now and again, with all the phrases, thoughts and words you only get at home - it's comforting in a way.

    nice mix there kiwidutch, very 'other', two of my favourite accents too :P

  15. silvershadowfly

    Thanks Breanacarrier for the recommendation to Mikey Miller. I'll be sure to check him out.

    And yeah, I never thought to myself to put 'British' in a tag. I agree, its very comforting to read blogs that you can relate to, plus you then find it easier to comment on such things as well. At least that's how I see it.

    The problem is if wordpress gave British bloggers a category or forum, or whatever they do - we would then be seen to be segregrated no?
    I quite like being a small community though. It's always refreshing to find another brit in that case.

  16. As Groucho Marx didn't say; I wouldn't want to be part of any category that would stoop to having me as a member anyway. :p

  17. On the subject of British bloggers who're worth reading, this blogger has posted a spectacular little feminist post-colonialist dismantling of the latest TIME magazine cover. From what I've read so far she can get a bit 'sociologisty' sometimes, but aside from that I thoroughly recommend her.

  18. lolwhoops, it's made the freshly pressed.. I guess my recommendations is a little redundant.

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