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Are You A Twitter User?

  1. I use twitter, its a great way to be in touch with my friends all day. Helping each other out with design queries and constructive criticism.

    my blog :

  2. twitter me up!

    become a follower :)

  3. If you are into reserving your name, head to too
    I find that site better for conversations and it is not as infested with the spammers and scammers as Twitter is. You can post to both at once using things like

  4. Follow at

  5. Waste of time. If people want to post comments, they best post comments on the post. Pointless posting links on twitter, they'd best stop being lazy and manually navigate to the blog.
    Twitter is like a second hand blog.

  6. authorcliffball

    I use twitter to try and promote my novels, but I find it a complete and total waste of time otherwise, even though I post to it! lol

  7. celticmusicfan

    I use twitter and I have a twitter widget.I makes people aware that in real life I am not really a boring person LOL

  8. OKAY !! I admit it, I'm using twitter too.. I take all my bad things I said about it back...

  9. I love my twitter - I have actually made more friends on there with complete strangers then on myspace or facebook but I like the fact that I can update from my phone more then anything else. I am careful about what I post though to keep my life more private. I signed up over a year ago to but forgot about it until a friend bugged me to start updating again. I probably update too much now.

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