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Are you bothered by kids wearing enormous baggy pants?

  1. I just wrote a post on my blog about baggy pants. It is part of a new feature called "Weekly Rant." If baggy pants as well as droopy drawers, and exposed underwear bother you; then come and pay a visit to,

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  2. It just goes to show how young people will do anything to be accepted. It's sad. So are the stuff young girls are wearing today -trying to look like prostitutes. Why don't they just walk around naked?

    Reminds me of when I was in college. I was at a fraternity party (I was not in a sorority) and the invitation to the party said to dress provocatively. I did not dress provocatively. Everyone else did. And I'm at the front door and this man walks up in a 3-piece suit, which, at the time, was the thing. 1980, I think. He looked nice and he started talking to me and I thought, okay, he's dressed respectably, I'll talk to him. We talked for a good half hour and the entire time people were walking by and smiling. Then we finished our conversation and he walked past me and through the front door. Well, he wearing a 3-piece suit but only on his front side. The entire back side of his suit was cute off and pinned back with stretchy tape. So all you could see from his front side was his suit but as soon as he walked by me, his entire naked backside was exposed.

    You should have seen my reaction.

  3. Well, he was wearing a 3-piece suit but only on his front side. The entire back side of his suit was cut off...

    oy vey

  4. No. Because I do not live in 2005 anymore.

  5. It doesn't bother me. I don't have to wear it.

  6. Great job,love your blog. I was watching my son get on the bus the other morning and the kid behind him almost tripped up the steps because his pants were just about around his ankles. Good Luck!

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