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Are you ever 'happy' with your blog?

  1. I know in my case I'm always changing my theme, header, site title. I can't settle for anything less than perfect. :p I can literally sit for hours just changing things and trying to improve it. Is anyone else like this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I change my background/header/theme/whatever constantly. And I've changed my writing's "syntax", I guess you'd call it, multiple times. Probably kind of disconcerting to anyone who regularly visits, but I'm fickle. (:

  3. It's not advised, because yes, it does turn off visitors. They like a site with a strong visual identity, so constantly tweaking it will decrease reader loyalty.

    Me? I know I'm not a web designer, so I'm generally good with the themes we've got here. The custom CSS I had on was awesome, but it was developed for me by someone who really, really knew what he was doing.

    Remember what Picasso said: Art is never finished, just abandoned.

  4. Yes I'm VERY happy with my blog's theme :) I rarely change my lay out.

    I used my 1st lay out for almost a year...then changed to something new and used it for long time. Finding the right one takes about a day and after that I hardly do anything to change it, maybe just adding more widgets

  5. so far I've left things the same expect to add more pages and try to create more organization and structure.. Then again I'm still kinda new so...

  6. If it's your personal blog and you don't expect anyone else to read it, then changing the theme template is not a big deal. Sounds like some of you have tons of time to do this.

    But for others who have created a blog for an organization, either for non-profit or private sector, not advised at all. It can be disorientating to primary clients/readers. It doesn't lend crediblity for the organization that you are managing the blog on their behalf. It makes them look fickle/unreliable.

  7. theintentionalsage

    For the most part, I am happy with my what I do at "Imagine Into Being." I've already 'written' almost 80 imaginings. I know that as time passes, things will change and so too will Imagine Into Being. Already it's changed so much from the beginning. I used to have no custom header and then I added a custom header... and then, graciously, someone came along and designed an even better custom header. I used to have the 'imaginings' all displayed on the home page and then decided it would be better if there were just a preview, so I changed all of the posts to just have a preview. Someone suggested I add a donation button, so I did that. In the near future, I intend to publish a page that explains how Imagine Into Being (works) from a more scientific or 'referenced' point of view.

    The only things in life that are static are 'dead.'


    To not be happy with one's blog is to be perfectionistic. While this is admirable, I'm much more content with being happy with what I have and allowing changes to occur naturally.

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  8. I've had three themes, change it once a year if I find a prettier theme :)

  9. Am I happy with my blog? Yes, it serves it purpose. I customized a template for an easy to read blog, no flashy lights, blinking signs, or hard to read text. It seems to be working out well for me.

  10. Not entirely happy with my theme but customizing it helped me feel better about it. One of the reasons why I'm blogging is precisely to test a branding, an image that I want to convey. I reasoned that changing my layout too often would leave my image blurred and make my look inconsistent. My advice is: unless your current theme really sends the wrong message or you found a theme that is way better, don't change! I've been thinking of a new layout for a long time but since I haven't found something I will stick with for a long time, I'll keep the same theme for now.

    Of course for personal blogs, it's another story. But even then, if you have few visitors you'd like to keep, make sure they will recognize you each time they come back. People are looking for stabliity and little bit of change at the same time....

  11. writingconsultation

    I am happy although I love to experiment with my blog from time to time...

  12. I am happy with my theme...

  13. :( not anymore since i stopped caring about it..

  14. I'm happy enough to say "please come visit" My site is at It's not attached to my name or icon. I don't know how to do much yet but I'd love some feedback..thank you.

  15. One theme change, over 2 years ago, to make it easier to read. My readers liked, I left it alone. I recently thought of switching to Journalist, but without my header pic, it feels a bit bleak.

    Have some consideration for your readers, people - would you buy a newspaper that changed its appearance and layout every few days? I doubt it. Same applies to your readers - constantly mess with your blog's appearance and, as raincoaster says, you'll just drive people away.

    And by the way - constantly in a state of flux is NOT synonymous with perfection.

  16. I've had my main blog for almost a year now. I've never changed the theme or the custom header, ever. I don't intend to, my blog has a "dark theme" that in a way reflects what's on it and whos blog it is.

  17. I just play until I'm happy and then I move to an new one. Also check out
    howtomake I like being able to have two or three different styles so I can post on the one that suits my mood. Does anyone else do that?

  18. oops, that is:

  19. I guess I am. I'm still pretty new to wordpress, and so far, I'm just "porting" entries I had in another blog (one a day) before starting to add new content, but I;m satisfied with my theme.
    Then again, it's only been a week, so...

  20. I think my relationship with my blog falls under "eternal bliss". I chose the Thirteen theme and have never changed it ever since I created my blog two years ago.

  21. Yes, I'm happy but constantly updating to make it better. Then I get happier….

  22. When I first joined wordpress, I kept changing it until I found the one I liked. Since then, I haven't really felt a need to change it. It's very simple and to the point, which is how my writing is. So it all works out well. :)

  23. I guess I'm reasonably content. I keep previewing various other themes but I have yet to like another theme enough to actually switch to it.

  24. No

    I will never be satisfied.

  25. I tend to notice that most writers have some sort of perfectionist in them, whether it is a certain type of content, or having no grammatical errors, etc.

    I, myself, am never satisfied with the skill of whatever it is I'm writing itself, including blogging. I always feel like there's some way in which it could be better.
    But I enjoy doing it more than it gets in the way; and I even love the infuriating struggle with which I will never be content.

    So no, not really; but it's all okay no matter what.

  26. i dint believe some one could be so dark. man i hated my parents, i hung pics of Hitler on my wall, i spoke allot of shit to them. But i never liked Hitler, i used to pretend my parents were the Jews, and write horrible story's how the Jews(my parents) were slowly disassembled. then one day i was looking at it(15-20 years latter) i was sick to the stomach, i didnt like those blogs( trusty four color pen and a sketchy) so im not always happy with the shit that some time leaks on to the page.

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