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  1. Let us not forget to give, not just take.

  2. Thank you LG for that, it should go both ways however, if everybody is offering a critique then it might confuse some of the newbies because of two reasons
    1.everybodies has a different opinion (to many cooks spoiled the soup) not to mention opinions do vary and 2. that might clutter the post up and well....confuse a few people.

    So let the best possible critiques and suggestions be posted here by those who are more than novices when it comes to themes, widgets and fully knowledgeable all things concerning blogs or close to it. All others can be those that need a critique so they can get their blogs where they want them to be.

    if that way works cool, if not at least try it to see if it might

  3. I totally agree if someone is new to blogging then they won't have a acurate answer to give someone which will just mock-up this thread in the long run.

  4. @ctatchison I noticed that your account is 5 days old so asking about comments is kinda premature because there is bloggers that have been blogging for 2 years or more and their comment ratio is way lower than their content ratio that is how the blog sphere works a lot of readers want to get to the know the blogs stand point before they are comfortable enough to leave a comment such as I had a reader read my tech niche blog for a year before they left their first comment.

    As for views if you try to rush the stats higher in a short time in the long run you won't be happy because those kind of readers don't comment nor return for your next post vs on the other hand if you let your blog speak for its self then your readers will start to promote and share your content with their readers and friends and you will notice you will start to receive Organic Traffic for your blog which will benefit your blog in the long run with comments and back links.

    How to improve your blog

    There is a couple of things I noticed right off the bat to improve your blog

    1: you already have an about page so I would go ahead and remove the info widget because your readers can find that information on the about page.

    2: I would add the recent comment widget so your readers can see the social engagement on your blog which will also encourage more comments!

    3: I would consider adding the subscribe by email widget towards the top of your blogs sidebar to encourage your readers to stay in touch with your newest content great way to have your potential readers return to your blog.

    4: I would also consider adding the top post widget because the more you write content your popular posts will get buried the Top Post widget can help shed light and encourage comments on those popular but forgotten posts.

  5. Thanks for the hints. I will definitely put them to good use. As far as comments go I certainly don't want to complain because I have received quite a few comments already for what I've done. The only problem is my primary goal is feedback. I am trying to keep from hammering the point too far into the ground but the reason I started the blog is two fold. 1.) as a challenge to prove I can do what I set out to do even if it is something that till now I've only ever played with and 2.) to get honest feedback from people who have no bias towards me who can give my work their honest opinion.

    That said are there any other ways that I can make my blog feel like more of a social setting so I can get some dialogues started to help me improve my work? (The recent comment widget aside. Thanks t3ck)

  6. @ctatchison If you're looking into the possibility of turning your blog into a social atmosphere then I recommend checking out the free WordPress Software over at you will find the software is more flexible because you can use plugins.

    Oh I almost forgot that BuddyPress will also work with the single install of WordPress.

    You're welcome for the advice in my above reply. = )

  7. Thanks everybody! very helpful info listed and new blogs are appearing hopefully they are taking part in th suggestions made to them.

  8. I am just getting started with blogging here on wordpress. I have found a great deal of support in the forums! I am very open to constructive criticism, so please take a look at my blog:

    and give any feedback you can! I appreciate it!

  9. My biggest suggestion Dawnie would be to personalize your blog more. After reading a few of your posts, it appears to me that there is a lot more to you then your blog portrays...might I say, without offending I hope, that for such a "creative" type person, you have a very boring blog....girl, you need to spice it up a bit. I'd completely change the theme, offer one of your buttons on the main page, with a link to your buttons page...I love that your photos posted are thumbnail size, wish everyone would use smaller images. Good luck!

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