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Are you interested in helping test Custom Design features?

  1. I'm looking for a few people who would like to help test some of the updates we're working on for Custom Design.

    If that sounds like fun to you, just reply here to say that you're interested in helping out.

  2. Count me in if you wish.

  3. I'll be happy to assist you!

  4. I should say though, that I do not have the Custom Design upgrade. Can I test without it using preview and such?

  5. I should say though, that I do not have the Custom Design upgrade. Can I test without it using preview and such?

    Absolutely! Anyone can try out the Custom Design features any time, you just can't apply them to the front end of the blog without purchasing the upgrade.

  6. Thank you @thesacredpath and @ shilpava! I have sent you both an email with further information.

    If anyone else is interested in testing new features, please let me know!

  7. I'd like to help!

  8. @sensuousinkspiller Awesome! I've sent you an email with more info.

  9. I'm interested, but I need more details!

  10. That sounds like fun, and I'd be interested but I'm a beginner with CSS.

  11. Ditto. I can say things like "I want the sidebar six pixels wider" but I can't say it in code.

  12. I might be a bit late in replying to this thread, but I'd like to help too if you're still looking for people. :)

  13. @justpi, @1tess, @raincoaster, @siobhyb: very cool if you're interested! I've sent you all more details by email so I can queue you up to see if you're interested in future sneak peeks at new features and helping to test out new updates when they happen. :)

  14. I'm game!

  15. @designsimply - I didn't get an email from you! :-(

    Sorry I missed out on this, maybe next time.

  16. I'm interested if you're still looking for volunteers.

  17. @thepale and @gureggu, I'm keeping a list of people I can contact who want to help when new features are about to be launched, so I'll send you an email with more info!

    @sensuousinkspiller, oh no! I did send an email and my records show it was dated 28 Mar 2013, maybe it got filed or marked as spam? I'll try sending another note right now. Check your spam folder for email from addresses just in case.

  18. @designsimply - Thanks! Got the second one, and replied to you, and the first one was, indeed, buried in the spam folder. Sorry about that!

  19. No worries! :)

  20. Hi Sheri,

    Team Germany (@iqatrophie and @zodiac1978) is ready for testing, if you are still looking for beta tester!

    Just mail us or post in our private teamblog. :)

    Best regards
    Torsten & Martin

  21. Fantastic! Thank you @iqatrophie and @zodiac1978, I will send you an email soon.

  22. Great! :)

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