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Are you slow or fast, activity and brainwise?

  1. It takes me so long to do things - once I grasp something, I learn quickly, but thinking, researching and typing (even with touch-typing which I do) is really slow. I just spent a few minutes finding links and responding to a forum question only to refresh before I posted and find that two other people had responded along with the O.P. as well! I really despair of my slowness. (And wish others would slow down so that I could catch up.)

    So - I'm curious - are you slow or fast, activity and brainwise?

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  4. @absurdoldbird
    I have always been quick off the mark in all things. I had to be to stay alive and that's nio exaggeration. I beat everyone I knew at any hand-eye coordination type of challenges we had as kids. I was one of the top 3 kids in the province wide grade 12 exams. I graduated form 2 colleges and a university witrh honors.

    I'm an introvert and by the time I was 9 years old I learned how to slow down so that the egos of others were not damaged by becoming perpetual losers. From that point on I allowed others to best me whenever it suited me to allow that to happen. (Is that raincoaster I heare laughing in the background?)

    (I'm fully aware that what I typed sounds arrogant. Telling the truth can be mistaken for arrogance. )

    However, the head injury I suffered did affect me. At first I was terrified that I had suffered brain damage as if that was the most important part of me. Recovery took 22 months and was no easy sialing at all. I'm now visually challenged and the mild dyslexia that was virtually undetectable throughout my life is now pronounced. MEH --- I still rock!

  5. P.S. One of the most difficult things I face every day is seeing my typos after the fact. If I weren't proud that wouldn't be the case but I'm still a work in progress.

  6. "MEH --- I still rock!" I love that you can say that. :)

  7. I'm usually pretty quick off the mark mentally, which may be hard to believe given how long it took you guys to drum the rules into my head... But typically, I'm the first to laugh at jokes, and quick with brain teasers, etc...

    I tend to act impulsively and frequently without a full plan. Another part of the above problem, I imported four blogs from blogger to WordPress because I tried it for about twenty minutes... I'm usually one to just roll the dice like that.

    I suffer from Migraines. If you look up Migraines, I get pretty much every single known symptom, and I swear I'm a little but slower on the draw for weeks following a migraine. It's very irritating to say the least. I feel like the one best weapon in my arsenal has been rendered less effective. Very helpless feeling.

    Physically, I've never really been one to do much... Never played sports, never the first off the line, usually the last across the finish, etc. I've always been a bit on the chubby side. I hate sweating.

    I type very quickly, sometimes faster than I talk. My tendency to be impulsive coupled with that skill usually means typos. I do usually take some time to re-read, but I almost always miss a few.

    Most blog posts are drafted in a very short amount of time, though I have to go back and re-read several times before I get all thoughts organized.

    I'm also easy to distract. *Squirrel!*

  8. And how apropos.

    "usually a little BIT slower..."

  9. It all depends on my mood. I have bi-polar and if in 'down' mode I can be terribly slow; but if I'm high I can be razor sharp and very creative. The brain is sluggish right now. :(

  10. I think it depends on the task at hand. I love solving problems and research in a multi-disciplinary way where I find answers quickly and innovation when different subject disciplines overlap one another or are interrelated:

    ie. law, environment, art, engineering, health care, information systems design, etc. It is probably me at my very best but I didn't truly appreciate this strength until..10 years ago.

    But I wouldn't have said this 30 years ago since I no clue of my potential. I learn instinctively but visually and try to focus on areas that I know I'm good at.

  11. @mattcolon - unfortunately I don't need to look up the symptoms of migraine as I get them. Battled the last one just a few days ago. :(

  12. whoops... typo on your name!

  13. Sorry to hear that, one of the most debilitating of the "non-life threatening" afflictions that I can think of.

    No worries on the typo, happens all the time. :)

  14. Thanks - and sympathies to you too.

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