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  1. Trying to post today, not having any luck. Refreshed browser, closed and opened a new window. Nothing.

    Anytime I hit the "publish" "save" or "preview" buttons, a page comes up that says "Are you sure you want to do this?" and a link to "try again" but nothing happens when I click it.

    Would really like to get this post up!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Edit: When I click the link, a new page comes up with the default blank slate for writing a post.

  3. Try using the https version ie instead of

  4. Yay! That worked. Thanks!

  5. Your'e welcome. Lots of people with different browsers are having that issue.

  6. I copied my code, closed the window and reopened it, and pasted the text back. This fixed the problem as well.

  7. That has also happened to me when continuing a draft that I started at a different time but left the wordpress page in the browser (Firefox) open. It's not the first time. The autosave does not seem to work when this happens, and when I click Save Draft or Preview, it gives that message and wipes out everything I wrote (even if I don't respond to the message and go Back) and reverts to what was there to begin with. This has happened three times on the same post, and I've had to start all over again. I'm sure I was still signed in, and this last time I made sure to click Save Draft several times as I was writing, but I didn't see that it actually did not save it until it was too late (and of course I don't remember to copy what I wrote before I click the preview or Save Draft).

    It takes me a long time to write what I write, and It's very frustrating because I have to go back to my notes and photos and try to remember what I wrote.

  8. 1) never use the quick post button on the grey Admin bar. Autosave doesn't work with it.

    2) when you are about to hit Update, highlight everything in the Write Post box and then while it's still highlighted, click the button. That used to help for me using IE.

    3) as a last resort, use an offline blog editor like Windows Live Writer.

  9. I spent a couple hours writing a blog, then when I went to publish it, it said "invalid request." I hit the account button and went back and everything had disappeared. Is there any way to get my text back?

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