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Are you upset when people invade your personal space?

  1. I have a post today that takes a look at intrusions into our personal space. Invasions of our personal space are often only be physical, but can involve noise or smells. You may have even dealt with a close talker. Check out some observations at

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have dealt with a close talker, my dad's girlfriend of 15+ years... When she talks to me, she stands two to three inches from me, and grabs my arms whilst talking at me

    I have not spent much time with this person, lol

  3. This should be posted in the showcase forum really.

    I have left a comment on your blog though...

  4. I work with pigs and pig muck, which means I'm constantly surrounded by a miasma of epic proportions. Few people wish to invade my personal space. In fact, it often means I can avoid queuing in shops, too. Fortunately, my wife's sense of smell isn't great and I don't mind her intruding in my personal space... :D

  5. I can only imagine what life is like for a Telemarketer cramped in an open air office space sitting two feet away from a row of people each talking on the phone.

    Perhaps this is what hell would be. Area code (666) of course.

  6. The concept of personal space is cultural. Those who live is densely populated areas are not nearly as concerned about personal space.

    Australians are very protective of their personal space - all that wide open space we are used to, I guess. We even find Americans get too close for our liking a lot of the time.

  7. I'm a Canadian living in a semi-remote location and I think teamoyeniyi nailed it. When I enter a city I feel as if everyone is in my personal space. ;)

  8. hi Pdykie,
    On your blog, you say you want to be a writer and that you've got two books you're hoping will get published and they feature stories from your blog. Publishers want first rights or "first right of refusal." This means they want to be the first to publish original material. They don't typically accept stories that are already published.

    Don't take it too hard. Most people don't know this. And when they find out, they take it as rejection. It's not. It's just the way it works. If you owned a publishing house, you wouldn't want to publish something that's already been published, either. It's not professional. It also can't sell b/c it's already out there. You'd want to be the first. That's how it works.

    The upside is, your blog is good practice. ;-)

    ps: I challenge you to write a post about your life that is dramatic (not comedic), where you are the protagonist, and where you engage our sympathies. I challenge you to do it in a way that shows your *own* shortcomings so that we find it funny. I say this b/c, what I've found to be true is: the true hallmark of comedy is drama. My favorite example of this is Jack Lemmon in "The Outsiders."

    Keep going...

  9. strawberryindigo

    I plan to try to sell some fiction I have been working on. I was going to put sections on my blog.To see what reactions, if any, they get. I'm glad I read this because now I will not. You are full of useful information Gigi.

  10. Thanks! Most of the compliments I get come from fortune cookies. :o)

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