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    The problem I am having is that the Argent theme is forcing the use of a photo carousel in my portfolio project page.

    When I go to edit the page, I see where I have set the layout to show the photos in a random mosaic. However, when I publish and save changes, the pages display the photos in a carousel.

    The carousel takes longer to load, and I would like some help figuring out how to get rid of it, and use a mosaic layout.

    I have searched the forums, support pages, and the Argent info page.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is




    I was able to replicate the error you describe on a test site with the Argent theme applied. The gallery “type” and “size” settings in the WP Admin project editor are ignored, and the gallery “layout” setting in the Calypso project editor is ignored, with the gallery displaying as a slideshow regardless of the type, size, or layout settings.

    I’ll tag the topic for staff attention.



    Hi there,

    From the Argent documentation, Portfolio section:

    Argent will automatically take the first gallery in your portfolio project and turn it into a full-width carousel…

    The position of a gallery inside the project doesn’t matter; the first gallery will always be displayed in a carousel directly below the project title.

    So this is a feature of this specific theme. There is no way to disable it.


    That’s lame, because I love the whole theme, but the only issue is the photo carousel. Thanks anyway!



    “That’s lame, because I love the whole theme, but the only issue is the photo carousel. Thanks anyway!”

    Agreed! I love this theme but I do NOT want the carousel…bummer!!!



    The photo carousel is kind of the signature feature of this theme. It’s what makes Argent special when compared to other photography themes. So it’s really not possible to disable or remove it.

    Perhaps look at one of our other photography themes, here:

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