Argent: How shall I retrieve deleted post?

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    Dear wordpress experts,

    I faced a very strange BUG that charged me long time to fix but hopelessly!

    I’ve been writing a report inside my blog about something critical and I got used to save it/update it as a draft!

    I pressed on “publish button” by mistake and I wanted to change the “publish settings” from public to private but I found it still there on the web and many other places!

    I pressed on “Move to trash” and it is deleted! but it deleted all related drafts as well not just the published post while it supposed to delete only the published version of the post not also all threads of related DRAFTS!

    I need to retrieve this post now and I dont know how!?

    The original URL of the post that was deleted is:

    I will be glad full if I found someone from your professional team to help me retrieving my important post ASAP.


    The blog I need help with is


    a) You can go to Posts > All Posts and click “Trash” (above the list of posts): you should be able to find your post there, as posts moved to the trash aren’t deleted immediately.

    b) You can write this in the google search bar of your browser and hit return:


    It will give you a cached version of your published and deleted post. You can select View Source from the View menu of your browser, copy all the code of the post and re-create it in the HTML editor of a new post you’ll add. (I have also saved it for you, just in case.)



    a) Error in restoring from Trash. !!!

    P.S.: I never deleted it, I still can see it but it never restore ever and it send me the above msg!

    b) WAW, it works man! I am thankful , at least I got what I wrote!

    I awe you a dinner but if u visit us in Egypt :)))

    Thank you so much brother, but I still wish if someone from the wordpress technical team to give me a reason or a way to handle this bug in the UX side of the application!

    Technical – UX wise – there is no relation between the “Published Post” and its “Draft”, bcuz I always can delete a published post without moving the draft to trash can! this is irrelevant, also there should be a notification in a pop up window that asks the user to confirm what he is going to delete!!!

    For inistance, inside any email dashboard, u still have many folders inside the same inbox, something like; sent items, drafts, inbox, trash….

    so if I saved a certain draft, and composed a relevant thread, and then I decided to delete the composed email and to dismiss the sending option, will it delete the source draft in order to complete the process? of course not, they still irrelevant processes.

    I am asking the wordpress team to notice this bug and to fix it or to correct my point of view.


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