Ari theme, help removing lines on menu between pages

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    I have come across several blogs using the Ari theme that do not have lines on the menu between the different pages… anyone able to tell me how to achieve this?

    Here is an example;

    Another question I have is about the post format. Ari puts the date at the bottom, is there a way to make all posts have it under the title of the post as with most traditional templates?


    The blog I need help with is


    Rather than just letting the default menu populate, if you use the widget for “Pages” you can place the widget there and have no lines between….



    The site you posted the link to above is not a free hosted blog. It’s a install. Please read this comparison >

    Note that if you create a custom menu and install a custom menu widget in the Primary (left hand) sidebar the lines between the items will also disappear.

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