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Ari Theme - Remove dividers in sidebars

  1. Ari theme help needed. (but site not yet live due to unfinished content)

    See here for a live Ari themed site:

    CSS upgrade purchased.

    I want to remove the dotted dividers in the sidebars.

    Either remove them or change the colour to white so they don't show up.

    Can anyone give me the code I need to add to the CSS Stylesheet Editor, please?

    Fingers crossed.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Give this a try.

    .widget {

    border-bottom: none;
  3. @thesacredpath that has worked fantastically on the right sidebar.

    Any idea how it could work on the menu (of pages) on the left sidebar?


  4. Since your site is not yet public, and the demo site for Ari doesn't have a menu, I'll have to set something up on my test blog to be able to figure out the selectors.

  5. @thesacredpath I would appreciate that a lot! Thanks!

  6. Give this a try:

    .main-navigation li {
    	border: none;

    To find what CSS to use, I right-clicked on one of the list elements, selected the "Inspect Element" option, and looked around in the CSS that appeared on the right until I found where the borders were getting set, then I copied the same selectors and added "border: none".

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