Ari theme: Sidebar and post formatting issues

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    I am looking forward to using the Ari theme for my new blog. I love its clean look and its subtle intelligence, like not displaying categories for every post when all posts are in the same category.

    There are a couple of formatting issues, though:

    1. The main column and right sidebar scale proportionally with the browser window width, but not the left (fixed) sidebar. In a narrow window, the left sidebar will therefor overlap with the other content. Whether or not it’s sensible to use such a narrow window, it does look unprofessional. I believe the CSS should be adjusted such that the left sidebar scales as well.

    2. It would be nice to have a theme option to decide whether the left sidebar should be positioned fixed or relative, to support longer left sidebars. (I know it could be done with the CSS upgrade but I’d prefer to stay within the standard framework.)

    3. When sharing buttons are disabled (by post or in “Settings -> Sharing -> Show buttons on”), the space otherwise occupied by the sharing buttons is still blocked, thus putting a large gap between the end of a post and the meta data. On a page with multiple posts, the meta data appears almost closer to the next title than to the previous article to which is belongs.

    4. It would be great if archive/category/tag pages could show only excerpts or beginnings of each article (at least optionally).

    (The referred blog is currently just a layout draft.)

    The blog I need help with is

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