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arranging blog posts Imbalance2

  1. Hi,

    I wonder whether there's a way to arrange blog posts on the homepage with Imabalance2? I know I can limit them to a set number, but what if I want to organise them according to categories in a certain area of the home page, and not want the next post to appear randomly somewhere? I know I can also use the 'sticky' option to ensure that certain posts remain on the top... But what about the rest?

    Many thanks,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You've asked practically the same question in other threads as well. You can't organize posts by category on the main page, and that applies to all free themes. Perhaps you should see if some premium themes work the way you'd like.

  3. Hi,

    Yes, i understand that's probably the best solution and will require someone to do it for me. Of course this takes a bit more resources. So are you saying that each new blog post will be randomly positioned in the home page once published?



  4. a) See staff reply on possible premium themes:

    b) Randomly? No. The main posts page of a blog displays your latest posts in reverse chronological order. In the conventional blog layout that's from top to bottom. In Imbalance it's left to right and top to bottom, and the complication is its "masonry" layout: if a-b-c-d is the first row of posts, and c is shorter than the other three, then post e will show up below c, posts f-g below a-b etc.

    c) In another thread you've said you want one column with content that doesn't change, plus two columns of posts. So I don't really see why you have selected Imbalance. You'd better try a theme that has a sidebar and two post columns: Inuit Types, Chateau or Under the Influence. Or maybe Suburbia: sidebar plus posts in rows of four, or a row of two for stickies (double width).

    d) An alternative that would allow you to highlight selected posts (but above, not next to regular ones) would be one of the themes that can display sticky posts in a slider: Forever, Fresh & Clean, iTheme2, Nuntius, Selecta, Splendio, Twenty Eleven.

    e) Yet another alternative, if you are prepared to update things manually, would be a theme that has two sidebars and one post column.

  5. Hi,

    Many thanks indeed for expanding. Much appreciated. I like some of the suggestions you make, especially the Suburbia and Inuit Types themes. They have their own drawbacks which I can probably work around. The thing which I think they share in common is that there's no way to use the 'exerpt' version with rich text (i.e. bullet points, bold, etc). The reason I'm asking is that, in Suburbia, I'd ideally want those two features posts not to show a picture, and to give me enough versatility so that I can include rich text. In other words, the home page would ideally be a bit of a static text and then blog posts underneath, organised as they are in boxes.

    Thanks again

  6. Featured posts in Suburbia display an image only if you set a featured image to them.

    In both Suburbia and Inuit Types, you can display styled text in the excerpts if you add content (with the appropriate HTML and inline CSS) in the Excerpt module of the editor. If you're not seeing the Excerpt module while on the post editor screen, click Screen Options (top right) to enable it.

    For a home page with "a bit of a static text and then blog posts underneath" there are other alternatives as well.
    You can use the Twenty Eleven showcase template page - see my guide to the theme:
    Or you can use on of the themes that can display a front page notice box - see the highlighted paragraph here:

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