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Arranging Link Catgories on my Blog Page

  1. I've dropped my links into the appropriate categories, but I want to arrange which categories appear first in the sidebar. How do I rearrange the categories so that they are in the order I want when displayed on my blog? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need a link to your blog please.


  4. The links categories will show alphabetically, and then the links will be alphabetical under those categories. There is no way to change that.

  5. There is this possibility:
    1. Rename the titles so they work out alphabetically.
    2. Number the category link titles.
    3. Write the links in HTML in a text widget. This could be done with some copy and paste work.

  6. @tess, thanks for adding that. My thinker is not at full capacity today.

  7. No problem. Your comment about driving an 18 wheeler sideways through java script security holes was quite sharp!

  8. The links appear alphabetically, but also numerically. You can label them:

    001 Stuff
    002 More Stuff
    003 Even More Stuff

    The same works for the link categories.

  9. Thank for the help.

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