Arrrgh! Edits disappear

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    So I build up a new page… visual & html all look fine… hit the Publish button, and everything but the page title disappears! I’ve put a good number of pages into this blog with no issue before, never seen this before… try it over and over, same thing! Go to view the actual page, nothing but the title, no content. Refresh, same thing.

    Arrrgh! What am I missing???

    page is

    The blog I need help with is


    Log out, clear your browser cache and cookies, restart your browser and try again.


    Also, open the page for edit and down below the text area, open the “post revisions” section and see if an older version is there that you can resurrect.


    logged out, cleared cache & cookies, twice, even rebooted, came back, same thing… nothing shows at the page but the title and comment block (do you see anything?). Click on Edit Page, all the html is there (and I smartly saved a copy elsewhere too, so I’m safe)… but I can’t see anything!


    (& thx)


    Title it there but nothing else.


    oddly, I can go back to Dashboard>Pages>select this one and Edit, and all the html is there!
    Hit Update Page, View Page, and am greeted with blankness again. ????????????????????????????


    All I can suggest at this point is to contact staff and tell them what is going on and make sure and mention that you have cleared cache and cookies and rebooted and such.




    You’re welcome.



    OMFG! That’s a horrible prospect to consider! Working with this old hunk-o-junk, I’m always afraid that something terrible will happen before I can get my post that took forever to finish published. That’s why I like to do as much of the work as I can off-line, so that I can keep my time in the editor to a minimum.

    Fortunately, I haven’t had this particular problem. Just the occasional and all-to-expected windows lock-up. }8-0


    One thing I do before I switched to an offline blog editor was before I clicked save or publish, I would switch to HTML view, select everything in the window, copy it to the clipboard, and then save or publish. That way if anything did go wrong, I could paste it into a plain text editor or I could paste it back into the wordpress editor.



    I usually start in EditPad Lite, paste into the HTML editor, switch to the visual editor, use the little buttons to help with coding I haven’t worked out how to do myself, go back to the HTML editor, copy and paste back to EditPad Lite, and then, and only then, go back to play with previewing and publishing.

    I usually have to go back and forth like that several times before I’m actually ready to hit Publish.




    As I said in the first thread you linked:

    We cannot provide appropriate technical suppport without a link to the blog. It is absolutely essential in order to give correct answers, whether the errors appear in the dashboard or the front end. We can't proceed without that.

    So, no, we cannot tell if this is the same bug or not, because we do not know anything about your blog. Please give us that link, starting with http.


    Speaking of disappearances. Whenever today I make a new post or even comment on my own blog, a blank page appears. I fear I lost everything. But I open a new tab and check the main page and it’s all there and the comments are all there. But after publishing posts and my own comments, a blank page appears.


    Are there any sort of length limits in effect for a page?
    I originally wrote it all as one piece… pasted it and published, got a blank page.
    Now I’m adding bit by bit and publishing/updating as I go… all is fine. Until I get near the end… add a single more paragraph of plain text or html, the published page goes blank. Delete the para, page reappears. Nothing unusual in the text, it was composed in the WP editor, and looked fine there. And I have longer pages already anyway…



    It’s gotta be length or file size related… I’ve literally gotten to the point where I can make the page disappear with a single added word, reappear when the word is removed… yeah it’s a longish page, but sheesh…


    except I have other pages with bigger file sizes and higher word count, which means… which means… I have a headache…



    It’s not length related or anything else; it appears to be a random error. Report it to Support. Ther’es another thread on it as well.

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