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Article Summary...Problem

  1. Hello world (:P),

    I have a "small" prob..

    In my blog options i choose to summary the text of my articles but unfortunately nothing happens! It still showing full text...

    Heres what I mean :

    The less words in a category the best for me. Is there any solution for this?


    PS - Dont forget to mention that Im using the ~ Neat ~ theme (theme prob?)

  2. Hey there,

    the option you're showing in your first screenshot actually refers to the RSS feed.

    You want just a summary in posts, use the read more tag for that.

    If you're just looking for the category view to be summarised I am afraid that is indeed a theme issue. Sorry. :)

  3. I see. Thanks for the interest

  4. For future reference theme features are detailed here

    (Waving to carocat)

  5. Timethief, I'm not too sure it's still worthwhile recommending. Whilst Engtech did some great work there, there have been many themes since and he hasn't got the time updating it.

  6. @carocat
    Sadly it's the best we have at the moment until engtech gets back to them, or someone else picks up where engtech left off.

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