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Articles on different pages

  1. Hello all,

    I am new with
    I understand how to make a page.
    I understand how to make an article and link it to a categorie.

    I see that this article automatically is shown on the home page. But how can i also show this article on the relevant page? I don't understand how these can be linked. I don't see the link between articles, pages and categories.

    Thanks for the help


  2. Do you understand the difference between a post and a page? Pages are not a part of the main blog and cannot be categorized or tagged; they are extraneous to the blog and its posts.

    If you use categories and put the category widget in your sidebar, then when someone clicks on the category they get all the posts in that category. Every blog post you make exists in its own webspace, which you can see by clicking on the title. But it also exists as part of the main blog, as you can see. And it also exists as part of the category page for each category.

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