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Articles on Twenty ten?

  1. No doubt there is a simple answer to this, at least I hope so!

    I recently uploaded some articles and started my blog on the default layout page. No problems except that the articles had too much prominence on the page - the blog had a link on the right of the page, and I would prefer it the other way about, that is, blog showing and link to the articles. I changed to Twenty Ten, which looked nice, but there is no link to my articles now and they don't show at all.

    I did a google search and found my articles listed but the links are broken. The link to them from my dashboard stats doesn't work either now and there is no mention of articles on the options list at the left of the dashboard.

    How do I show my articles again? Or if necessary, how do I revert to my original page layout?

    I hope someone can help me get my articles back!


    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can install the Recent Posts widget in your sidebar and it will display links to your posts. See >

  3. Thanks timethief, I've put that in now and it shows my recent blog posts so will be useful, but none of my articles. Do you think that is because they are lost?


  4. What do your mean by "articles" please?
    Are they Posts?
    Dashboard > Posts > All Posts
    Or are they Pages?
    Dashbaord > Pages > All Pages
    Are they in draft form or have then been published?

  5. I feel I might be missing something obvious here.

    A couple of weeks ago I wrote several wordpress articles, I mean titled essay type articles not blog posts. They probably should be pages not posts. They were published and have been visible for a while. When I wrote them the dashboard had listings for both them and the initial post of my blog. Both had boxes in the list on the left of the dashboard - there was a box for posts and a box for articles, but that one is missing from the list now.

    Because of what you said before I added the pages widget too, but the only thing showing in it is my 'about me' page. No sign of the articles!

  6. No data is ever lost when we chnage themes so they must be in your dashboard.
    Try looking here >
    Try looking here >
    If you had created a custom menu then go here > Appearance > Menu and in the “Theme Location” module on the upper left select your custom menu from the pulldown and then click “save”.

  7. To replace the widgets you had displaying on the other theme go here > Appearance > Themes and drag them out of the Inactive Widgets box and place them in the sidebar one at a time. Click the widget to open it, click "save" and "close" inside each widget. When your are done you will then have the same sidebar widgets you had previously.

  8. No, they aren't shown on those links, in fact the page list says I only have one article, the 'about me'.

    I didn't have a custom menu as far as I know!

  9. I'll flag this thread for Staff attention as I have run out of ways to help you.

  10. Thanks timethief, I'm grateful for your attention, and I did learn something about widgets.


  11. You were using Annotum before. Annotum is a very special theme which adds additional functionality to WordPress. One of those items of additional functionality is the addition of Articles as a content type.

    If you want to see your Articles, you'll need to switch back to Annotum.

    If you'd rather use a different theme, I recommend switching back to Annotum, copying and pasting the content of your Articles into Pages, deleting the Articles, then switching your theme to something else.

  12. @macmanx
    No wonder I could not figure out what happened. Thanks. :)

  13. My pleasure. :)

  14. YES!

    Thanks macmanx, found the articles, much obliged, I shall transfer them as you suggest.


  15. I see there is a button to convert the article into a post. Can that post then be put on a page?

    Once it is a post it can't go back to article status.

  16. I've got this all sorted now. Thanks again for your help.

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