articles RARELY appear on search engines after I got my domain

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    I write my own articles and in the past before I got my domain they appear on search engines – even top page if there was “no traffic” at the time I published them. But since I got my domain, my articles RARELY appear on s-engines anymore. I don’t want to pay for traffic, never did, and don’t want to start now. Is there something I can do to change that? Some articles even vanished on search engine.

    The blog I need help with is


    How long ago did you change to your new domain? Because it takes a number of weeks for the search engines to actually start indexing your new domain, so it won’t show up in the search engine for a number of weeks. So any new post you make, won’t start to show up for a while. In addition, having a new domain, means that the ‘rank’ of the domain starts back at zero, and it takes time for it to regain it’s ‘ranking’.

    You can use the webmaster tools and submit a site map if you like, that could speed it up, but it’s not really necessary ( but your site will get back into the search engine, it just takes time.



    When you change to a new username, you start out again with a pagerank of zero. You have to build it up over time; it normally takes about four months.

    As well, a unique domain name always has less SEO than a subdomain of a huge domain like

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