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Arty Old Bird

  1. Time for me to say hello!

    This is the showcase for my new blog Arty Old Bird (and to try to avoid supportbot having a fit, here's the url to it:

    Though I suppose the miserable old robot will still think I'm not blogging on, but I am!

    Anyway, I got the blog up and running just a couple of days ago, with the first post, which was (still is) called

    What makes your heart leap?

    and to keep the ball rolling, today I posted this one:

    Variegated Aquilegia, keyboard shortcuts and some nuttiness

    I'm planning on posting two to three times a week, the next post should arrive... oh... on Saturday, I hope!

    Okay then supportbot, let's be havin' ya!

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  3. Oh yes I did!

  4. Absurdoldbird: LOL Yes you did!
    Good blog. I wish you well.
    Tex Arty

  5. @tex - thanks.


    Today's post is Are you a fan of anything?

    Oh folks, come along and let me know! :)

  6. Why does Support Bot keep pestering you when you're posting in the showcase forum?

  7. @Pete, because I choose to deselect the 'blog I'm having problems with' in the dropdown list. It doesn't like that!

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  11. I think supportbot is your pet! lol The new site looks great!! I love it:)

  12. Thanks! (Perish the thought that supportbot is my pet! I'd forget to feed it!) ;)

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