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Ascending/Diary theme for post?

  1. I have a blog on that I wold love to have the post in ascending order, it is a diary of sorts, so I would love to have Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc with Day 1 alswasy at the top?

    I believe there are themes for self hosted wordpress sites that can do this, and if I have to I will cponvert it to a self hosting blog, but I am hoping there is a free way to achieve this?

    Thanks very much


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there. It is possible to do this, but it's a bit technical and I've never done it myself so all I can do is point you to the relevant support document, here:

    There is also a post by timethief which you might find helpful:

  3. Thanks, the part that is not clear to me in this tutorial is the idea is

    UNder the heading: Show your Posts in Chronological Order

    "You can choose your whole blog" URL, where exactly are they saying I should choose my entire blogs URL and append the html "/?order=asc"?

    I understand the concept, just not clear on where to do this, it is a static page i need to create that has this address?

  4. I'm afraid I'm not too clear on that part either. Hopefully someone else who knows will come along. I'll also play around with it a bit and see if I can figure it out.

  5. I will play to, seems a but odd and a bit sad that a tutorial at wordpress would be so non-specific?

    I tried editing a permalink with that info, but it would not accept the change.

  6. Hi again. In case you're still trying to do this, I've figured out that you'll need to set up a custom menu to achieve this. Go to Appearance ->Menus in the dashboard and create a new menu.

    You don't have any pages on your blog so only the Home link should be there. Click on that and add the ?order=asc string to the home page URL, make sure the menu is set as the primary menu and save.

    If you want the chronological feed to display somewhere else while your home page feed stays as it is now, add a Link to the custom menu and use your blog URL plus the order-string for the link.

    See here for more help on setting up a custom menu:

  7. Awesome, thanks. Now how do we get this into the support page on this topic that is not really doing a good job of support?


  8. Go to Appearance ->Menus in the dashboard and create a new menu.

    I created a new menu "chronological Order" and it appears and it does just what I had hoped.

    Is there a way to make this the default loading of the blog? Or maybe it is better that it is an "option", what do you think?

  9. I don't think you'll be able make it your landing page. What you can do is set up a static page as your home page and then have the posts display only via your custom menu link.

    Create a new page and include some type of welcome message on it. Publish the page.

    Go to Settings ->Reading. Select "Front page displays" a static page and next to Front Page select the page you created. Save Settings without selecting a posts page.

    Then head to your custom menu again and make sure the home page you created is included in your menu along with the link to the chronological feed.

    Just note that static front pages are traffic killers, as many people won't click past it to the posts. Publishing your posts chronologically without having your regular reverse-order feed as well might also be harmful to traffic. I understand why you want your blog structured that way, but I just want you to know it can have unforeseen side-effects in this regard.

  10. awesome notes and thoughts and help!!!!!!

  11. You're very welcome :)

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