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  1. no, unless taking a bath count.

    do have stuff you need to do, but just really don't give a shit about?

  2. no i have not!

    have you ever won anything?

  3. sort of... nothing huge.

    Do you cry when you cut onions?

  4. yes but for some reason, not lately

    Do you love Paul Newman's dairy-free, mint-chocolate-chip cookies?

  5. never tried them... but I AM intrigued
    does your handwriting change a lot?

  6. My handwriting is different nearly every time I write.
    Have you ever been to Cape Breton?

  7. No but I have driven up the coast of Maine and I'm sure it's a beautiful island. Makes me think of Carly Simon... "..and you flew your Lear jet up to Nova Scotia to see the total eclipse of the sun..."

    Have you ever seen the total eclipse of the sun?

  8. yeah, back in third grade. we made those pin hole things, with the shoe boxes? i won $5 for looking at it without the box. had it imprinted in my vision for hours afterwards, but i still think it was worth it!!

    be honest... how many stuffed animals are currently on your bed?

  9. 1 :) sentimental reasons haha
    how are you ?

  10. nervous about musical auditions today.

    do you get stage fright?

  11. I'm not afraid of stages. :-)

    Did you know that toilet water goes clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counter-clockwise in the southern hemisphere? HOW GROOVY IS THAT? :-)

  12. I didn't know! And that is groovy!! Interesting... but I suppose it makes sense. Oooh.

    Who is your doppelganger? : ]

  13. hmm... I have no idea... My pic in on my website so maybe you can tell me. I'm thinking I don't look like anyone...

    If you multiply an average of how many hours of sleep you get each night and multiply that by the number of years you've lived, how many years have you spent sleeping?

  14. 112. damn, i'm old!!

    are you watching the superbowl right now? do you watch it just for the commercials, like i do?

  15. nope

    How many plants do you have in your house?

  16. one little tree i got for christmas, that i've watered once since i got it. still looks pretty, though. people assume it's fake. lol...

    are you prone to having cold feet? literally?

  17. Hmm... I don't know. How would I know? I wear shoes. I'm in the house with the heat on. I'll have to think about this one...

    Do you love Elvis or The Beatles best?

  18. the beatles. the own all.

    do you eat lunchables?

  19. God no, they’re bad for the environment.
    Do you eat guacamole?

  20. ick!! i have avacados...

    do you like going barefoot?

  21. Only if I’m on the beach or by myself. I don’t mind walking through a forest barefoot either…
    Why oh why did you quit posting?

  22. I didn't! I just posted, Willow! But...I will stop posting so much and maybe even altogether fairly soon as I have a major commitment to a new piece of work. I shall miss you, oh sweet Willow...

    If you could do anything in the world and nothing could stop you from doing it, what would you do?

  23. What a hard question! So many things! I think I would like to time-freeze the world, have a world tour when everything's frozen in its place. Shop at malls, eat at restaurants (well, the ovens will still be working only the living things will stop). Make people sit and stand in weird positions haha. Get all my favorite people in the same room as me from all over the world. That would include all the celebs and some others. Annnd snap my fingers and say, "Unfreeze" I guess, haha.

    Did you like my above answer?

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