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Ask for link to purchase domain for $9.97

  1. When I click 'renew' for the domain, it always says, "Renewal will extend the registration by one year, until November 5, 2011 for only $14.97."

    In fact, it should be like the upgrades page which says, "Domain name registration plus domain mapping costs $14.97 ($9.97 for mapping, $5 for registration) per year, per domain. If you already have registered a domain, mapping is just $9.97 per year, per domain."

    Does this mean I pay $15 for first year, and after than I should pay $10?
    If this is right, how can I pay $10?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. * Domain name registration + domain mapping costs $14.97 per year, per domain.
    * Domain mapping for a domain (or subdomain) you already own costs $9.97 per year, per domain.

    All domains must be renewed annually. Did you purchase your domain through or not?

  3. Yes. Thank you, dear

  4. @sw3den
    I'm not clear if you have solved this as yet. I hope this link will help you because it leads to illustrated instructions >

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