Ask for link to purchase domain for $9.97

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    When I click ‘renew’ for the domain, it always says, “Renewal will extend the registration by one year, until November 5, 2011 for only $14.97.”

    In fact, it should be like the upgrades page which says, “Domain name registration plus domain mapping costs $14.97 ($9.97 for mapping, $5 for registration) per year, per domain. If you already have registered a domain, mapping is just $9.97 per year, per domain.”

    Does this mean I pay $15 for first year, and after than I should pay $10?
    If this is right, how can I pay $10?

    The blog I need help with is



    * Domain name registration + domain mapping costs $14.97 per year, per domain.
    * Domain mapping for a domain (or subdomain) you already own costs $9.97 per year, per domain.

    All domains must be renewed annually. Did you purchase your domain through or not?



    Yes. Thank you, dear



    I’m not clear if you have solved this as yet. I hope this link will help you because it leads to illustrated instructions >

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