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asked to supply html..?

  1. Someone wants to have my post on their site, (which I've agreed to) and they've asked for the HTML for the post. How do I do that?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why on earth would you ever content to republishing a post you already published on your own blog on someone else's blog? That's duplicating content across domains and Google's Panda algorithm will detect it and downgrade the original on your blog as well as the duplicate. Don't do this. Read what is here >

  3. content = consent

  4. It's a site I know, (with way more readers) and they'll link back to mine. May ask them to include noindex on their version of my post. Also is an opportunity for me to guest blog for them in future (on their site).

  5. If they post the whole post, link or not you will get no traffic from them - you get screwed.

    If they post an excerpt with a link to read more than the first paragraph then you will get traffic - they get dinged if they just have links and no original content (just a collection of others work) - which is why a lot of sites try and steal the whole content and then claim "fair use" - they want the traffic to stay on their site

  6. Thanks for the warnings, Timethief and Auxclass

  7. If you are determined to do so, do you know that you can use the "text" tab on your add or edit post screen to see what your post looks like in HTML? You can copy that and paste into a text editor like notepad. Save it with the file type of either .txt or .html and then you can email it to them as an attachment. Better yet, negotiate with them a bit and agree to provide an excerpt instead of your full post. Cut off your copying at an appropriate point and add this HTML at the cutoff point ...

    Read more at <a href="">The Title of Your Blog Here</a>.

  8. Ah...I see. Thank you.

  9. "they've asked for the HTML for the post"
    They can copy it themselves if they visit your post and select View Source from the View menu of their browser.

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