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  1. Askimetsays: Akismet has caught 3 spam for you since you first installed it.

    But I can only see 1 comment.

    Is it possible for the missing two to have been deleted or lost?

    I have had my account just over 15 days, I don't think there were any askimet notices before today.

    Thank You

  2. Sometimes it takes a couple of days for them to show up, and sometimes they never do. It's a strange error.

  3. Added: Is there anyway for me to view what has (apparently) been deleted?

  4. Raincoaster,
    They were my first comments, arrgh
    The one I saw was not spam.
    Seems serious that we are just to accept our comments can go missing.
    Thanks raincoaster

  5. I'm glad you caught one that wasn't spam. Maybe the other two will pop up in there in a day or so. The odds are good that they really were spam, if it's any comfort.

    It is a serious issue and staff have been told about it several times.

  6. I'm having this problem, too... my count just went up another two today, with no spam in the queue. I've been going through the threads, and it looks like this has been a problem for at least a year. Is anyone fixing this?

  7. My count also went up (I have only been on WordPress for 9 days). It has placed 1 out of 5 comments in the queue so I could actually view them (and it wasn't spam, it was a trackback)...the others, I cannot see. Askimet is very bothersome.

  8. I simply do not see my comments, simple as that, aksimet now says it has caught 28, I have only seen maybe eight of them, if only we could disable it till it was fixed.
    And I have seen there are some workarounds.

  9. randijames: Note that some trackbacks can also be considered spam if the website you are getting linked at happens to be a spammer/splogger. It is best to not be linking to them. If they do happen to be genuine people though, do ignore this.

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