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Askimet numbers increase but shows no new spam

  1. On my dashboard the number of Spam caught by Askimet is up the last few times I've looked, but no new spam is in the queue. I'm wondering if the numbers are messed up or if somehow comments are being deleted without being held for me to check first. For most of it that is no problem, but I like to check them because sometimes a legitimate comment does get caught by Askimet.

  2. I'm having the same problem. The spam is disappearing bfore I can check it. Just found a legit comment that was identified by akismet as spam. Judging from the last few hours, if I had waited much longer to check, it would have been deleted.

  3. I believe that if you check the forum searchbox that you will find Mark or drmike's statement that Akismet does not delete any spam unless you choose not to deal with it within 15 days of its receipt. But I also think it may be wise to send staff a feedback on this so they are aware of your issues.

  4. gifteadults -- Are you sure it's happening that way? I ask because I've been seeing a pattern of Akismet numbers jumping up a bit, seemingly beyond the numbers of spam I've seen caught, then (I think) staying at that number until the actual spams "catch up." At least that's sort of the way it appears. I haven't had any evidence, though, that any spams have actually been deleted without my seeing them. In fact, for several days Akismet was snagging some legit comments which I'd have to hand moderate. (this may have cleared up now) But I didn't receive any emails telling me anyone's comment had been lost.

  5. I shared the same experience you describe growthmadness. I moderate all comments. I wonder if these two other bloggers do too.

  6. I don't moderate all comments, but I do occasionally have a comment that somehow gets into the "waiting for moderation" stage.

    What I have noticed the last couple of times I have checked is that the number of spam Askimet has caught is going up about 6 each time, but when I check the queue, there is no new spam there. I don't know if just the numbers are changing due to some glitch or oddity, or if it is catching spam but deleting it before I see it, which, as timethief said, it is not set up to do -- but I am wondering if there may be some glitch there.

  7. Similar oddness with Akismet here too. High numbers but nothing to check.

  8. Me as well. I normally have five or six pages of Akismet spam, but lately only five or six individual spams are showing up in the file.

  9. I check the spam page every day or two, so this has nothing to do with the 15 day limit. The numbers go up daily, but there's never anything on the page. I sent a feedback about it yesterday, and got the 15 day routine, which completely ignored what I had said.

  10. Strange thing for me as well. I had 250 akismet spam comments on Friday. Yesterday I cleared out about 30 or so and my site is reading 366. It doesn't seem to be adding up for me either.


  11. At 8 a.m. it said, "Akismet has protected your site from 2,694 spam comments." I know, of course, that that refers to all the spam since I started the blog, and even when the spam has been deleted, that number will stay and increase as it catches new spam.

    At 9:10 it said "2700 spam comments" and at 1:06 it said, "2706 spam comments" -- yet each time, when I clicked on it, there was no spam listed in the queue.

  12. I too have noticed that Akismet has now caught 36 more spam than two days ago, yet there is nothing to moderate.
    I have turned on "moderate all comments" and expected to see something to look at in the Akismet area of the dashboard, but alas, nothing is there???

  13. I don't moderate comments at all, so it seems that moderation has nothing to do with the problem. And if so many people are having the same problem, then brushing it off isn't any help. I think most of us have been here long enough to know how things work, and to notice when they're not working.

  14. Either way, I am not worrying about it as it really doesn't matter to me. I send in feedback about it and I am sure there is a good reason. Maybe certain criteria or length of comments are deleted automatically or maybe certain IP's or serious is hard to say, but the admin would have a good reason for this.

    That is maybe it's


  15. Here's the deal.

    The latest version of Akismet (it's full details are on the blog at has a feature which removes all comments on posts over 30 days old. Spam focused on those posts. So now if a comment is made that Akismet says is spam, it gets shot immediately and removed. If Akismet is not sure, it will appear in Akismet.
    But it still keeps count.
    If a spammer hits your blog with 1000 spams on a post from last August you won't see them but Akismet will up the counter.

  16. Mark --

    I read the Akismet blog and it looks like one can turn off Akismet from killing comments that are more than 30 days old in the plugin version. Do we have the option to turn off that feature here?

    I get tons of comments on old articles. That's the point of keeping the topic evergreen! I have articles that are over a year old that still get comments every single day and I'd hate to have them auto-killed by Akismet without ever having a chance to chum them out of the queue by hand.

  17. I would like to turn that off if it is possible as well. I do have legit comments that get caught in the spam filter every week, even on older posts, and I don’t want those deleted automatically without my being able to look at them and “despam” them.

  18. barbarah --

    Yesterday morning Akismet was eating every single comment I posted on my own blog.

    As I understand this Akismet revision -- by reading the Akismet blog -- if I had been commenting on articles older than 30 days my comments would have been invisibly auto-eaten by Akismet and never presented to me for salvaging by hand.

    It seems that even if I had copied and saved my comment and tried to re-post it again, Akismet would have just invisibly eaten it again and I would have be unable to send in the false-positive URL because the opportunity to clear older "Spam" for publication is no longer available.

  19. Bad move, folks. A "solution" that creates another problem isn't a real solution. The law of unintended consequences strikes again.

  20. I hope you are all sending in feedbacks to staff so you are assured that your issue has been drawn to their attention.

  21. Thanks for clearing that up Mark. I have been wondering that for quite some time now.


  22. nod to Trent for putting me back on track - feedbacks are not required. :)

  23. On the Askimet blog that Mark referred to, it says, "And finally my favorite, you can now tell Akismet to discard spam that comes in on entries older than a month. (On the Akismet configuration page under Plugins.)" The way that is worded makes it sound like we have a choice. Is that the case? Can we adjust our settings on whether we want Askimet to do this or not? Or is this something that works this way across the board for all of us and individual users can't adjust it?

  24. Afraid not. We can with the version of Akismet that is used in WordPress blogs where the software is downloaded from

  25. I can't conceive of why any blogger would want to set Akismet to "hold" comments that are more than 30 days old for the purpose of checking for "false positives". Perhaps I'm wrong but it seems to me that those who are worried they may lose a "false positive" comment seem to be right on top of their blogs and not in anyway neglectful. This being the case, then one would assume that their vigilance combined with readers reporting that their comments ought to have appeared and didn't make the great debate seem somewhat over-blown to me. Or, have I missed something profound here and do I stand to be corrected?

  26. I think we're discussing comments on old posts, not old comments. I too get a lot of comments on older posts, and would like the chance to review them before them being automatically deleted; it's where most of my false-spams come from.

  27. New comments on old posts -
    The solution would be to download a free blog theme from and import the contents into it to obtain that kind of control.

  28. Agreeing with raincoaster -- talking about new comments on old posts.

    When I have at times had a legit comment on an old post, the commenter has never let me know that their comment didn't show up. Perhaps they didn't check, or if they did, they thought it was being moderated.

    I'm just frustrated that it is an automatic thing that a comment on a post over 30 days old gets deleted. I'd rather it had been left alone. It didn't take that long to look through everything Askimet caught as spam, despam legit comments, and delete the rest. Those bloggers who didn't want to do that didn't have to since everything in Askimet self-deleted after holding things for a time anyway.

  29. Well, we're on a shared blogging platform here at and there are over 600, 000 of us. But as I pointed out above wordpress has another option for those who want individual control and that's the free download of a blog template from Best wishes :)

  30. So all the new comments on a 30day old post will be deleted without ask me or something?


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