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Askimet numbers increase but shows no new spam

  1. Reading the replies on this thread, it seems that some people liked the feature where comments on posts-older-than-30-days were autobinned, and some people found it doesn't suit their blogs at all.

    I've recently had the same phenomenom (Askimet reported spam number = high, queue = empty) and suspect that some of the auto-binned comments on my blog were real genuine comments - some of my readers only read every few weeks or so and thus are as likely to comment on old posts as on new ones.

    I just did a test now where I commented on a very old post, and my comment appeared instantly, which fits in with the 30-day-rule having being switched off for now, and certainly this suits me much better.

    Thanks for posting the links and explanations of why this was happening, I had been very confused.

  2. I suppose that now that we have all had our say on this subject on the forum, the spammers will be well aware that they can bombard our old posts with impunity.

  3. Sorry, just realised that I've prob misunderstood the askimet criteria on the 30 day spam rule:

    I had assumed the rule was:

    (post-age more than 30? Y->delete comment N-> check if has high spamscore...)

    but now I realise it was:

    (Check if has high spam score? N-> keep Y-> post-age more than 30? Y -> delete N -> send to moderate queue).

    Ok, makes more sense now.

    Well in that case, some solutions that could suit everybody:

    1. (As prev suggested) have the rule as an option
    2. Make the spam queue orderable by age of post, so that user can re-order, just check the top ones if so wish, then bin everything else.

    Both these obviously only suggestions.

  4. This is a multi-user blogging platform and the likelihood that we will ever see the option of individual bloggers being able to dumpster dive and examine each comment that Akismet tagged as spam on posts over 30 days old is IMO -- zilch -- zero -- zip -- nada.

    Either we all get the feature that the Akismet upgrade produced or we all don't. And "don't" is the current status of us all.

    I would be very interested in hearing a single report from a single blogger, of a single instance when such dumpster diving actually produced a "meaningful comment" belatedly made on a 30 day old post -- a comment that had a significant impact on their current blogging.

  5. Oh yes, it has, in several cases on my blog. It usually happens when people put several links in.

  6. I'm astonished to hear belated "meaningful" comments on stale-dated posts were "timely" enough to have an effect on what you went on to blog about a full month later.

    More astonishing still is the fact that the commenter didn't email you when their comment did not appear.

  7. Well, I guess you learn something new every "day" eh?

  8. Yeah ... sure ... and like I'm holding my breath while waiting to hear from ALL the other bloggers, who had the same experience you did. {rolling eyes}

    The experience of being enlightened by a meaningful and timely comment made on 30 day old post found in the dumpster bin -- WOW!

    That must be one very special experience that's been shared by sooooo very many bloggers that I just can't wait to interview every one of them and then blog on it.

  9. TT, that my experience is different from yours should not surprise you. That you don't appear to respect those differences surprises me.

  10. I tried to muster respect for your alleged experience of being so enlightened by a meaningful and timely comment made on 30 day old post found in the dumpster bin that it had a significant effect on what you blogged about 30 days later -- and I failed.

  11. That much is clear, but the technical help forum is not a place to post your emotional failures. None of us needs to justify our blogging experiences to anyone anywhere, least of all here.

    Some people do find value in things others do not. WordPress has now re-enabled those of us who wish to use this option. If it's not an option that appeals to you, don't worry: it's not compulsory. Nor do you need to cast judgement on those who DO find value in it. You need to move on.

  12. WordPress disabled the auto-delete option for all of us. End of story. Brand new long awaited feature removed.
    Now the only way those of us, who wish to have the option of closing comments on posts older than 30 days, can exercise our option is to edit each post close comments on each one manually. IMO that sucks!

  13. Yes, so it's time to become okay with it, not chase after bloggers who find it useful.

    If you have issues with's decision, please take it up with, not other bloggers.

  14. I'm not okay with it.

  15. No kidding.

  16. "Now the only way those of us, who wish to have the option of closing comments on posts older than 30 days, can exercise our option is to edit each post close comments on each one manually. IMO that sucks!"

    So, it's better for those of us who'd rather be bombarded with spam to have to do that same thing, because we aren't you?

    One possible solution -- and one I imagine WordPress could put in without worrying at all about external code -- would be to have a setting where the system automatically marks old posts as closed to comments. Then, if you get your way and they put Akismet back on to can every old spam comment, the rest of us just have to change a single option. If you don't get your way, then you and those who are likewise so troubled by this can change that same option.

    Heck, probably even get by with having the time limit itself being the option, so those who want 30 days get 30, others may want 60, still others may want 10.

  17. I just sent akismet a support question, but I'm wondering if I need to send one to as well.

    I was reading through the posts, as my akismet things says: "Akismet has caught 6 spam for you since you first installed it.

    You have no spam currently in the queue. Must be your lucky day. :)"

    I know, it's not a lot of spam, as I just started the blog a few weeks ago. But for the life of me, I can't figure out where to go to review this so-called spam to make sure it *is* spam. I've searched and can't find a place to review the "queue" and no place to enter my API key to check.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  18. I realize this topic is old, but I am still having the numbers going up nothing in queue problem. I will submit this info. to WP and Askimet, but I felt the need to agree with Raincoaster.

    My sister, who is new to the internet and blogs, tried to comment on one of my old posts because she was reading my whole blog, chronologically. She is very sensitive about appearing like an idiot since she is new to all this. When her comment didn't appear, she didn't tell me because she figured she was just doing something wrong.

    I knew she was reading my blog and so finally, I asked her to comment. She told me that she didn't think she knew how, etc. and we figured out that she had been marked as "spam". Then, I was able to find her comment and de-spam her.

    Her friends are all reading my blog now and account for many of my regular readers. If she wasn't my sister, we would not have figured this out and I would have about 10 or 12 fewer readers.

    My point is that the comments do more than inspire future blogging. They encourage people to continue to read your blog and pass on your blog to others they think might be interested. I think it definitely would have been a significant impact if I lost those readers.

    And really, even if you do get 1000 spam comments a day, I have skimmed through page after page in a matter of a minute or two. It's pretty easy to skim them and distinguish a real comment from spam. It doesn't take me hours and I doubt even having thousands would cause such a problem. And correct me if I am wrong, but can't you mark and hit "delete all" or is this a "new feature". I swear I have been able to do this for months.

    It seems to me that this is the simple solution. Have those that want their spam automatically deleted just hit "delete all" and poof-they are gone.

    I get a lot of comments from readers who have found my posts by search engines and my blog stats show that people click on links to one of my posts that is SEVERAL months old, nearly daily. Maybe actual people don't bother to read that far back on some people's blogs, but they obviously do on mine and I assume many others.

    I don't like seeing those numbers going up and wondering if I am losing readers because they think I am deleting their comments. That's my big problem with it.

    It is clear that Raincoaster is not the only person who has a problem with this so to suggest that we are a small vocal minority seems very arrogant and egocentric.

  19. I am having problems with Askimet myself. It cannot be a comment 30, or even 15 days old. It is saying it has protected my blog from 2 more comments than it is showing me. I check the spam filter every so often, and until recently I had not gotten any spam comments. (As in this past week was the first spam I got.) This is within the past day that (potential) comments have fallen afoul of the spam filter, since the counter has increased, and some actual spam is being shown, but not all of what the filter says it has caught. I'll read back through this topic to see if there is any troubleshooting I can do.

  20. @katm
    One thing that might be happening is that Akismet will not show duplicate spams in your list. It could be that two of them are duplicates.

  21. Perhaps, that is heartening. Thank you.

  22. You're welcome katm.

  23. KatK *wink* =^..^= (ETA: Just that I get a kick out of being a KK now. The geeky gamer joke being that this is what people "in game" will say in agreement. "Kk, I'll brb.")

  24. Duh-Oh! Sorry KatK I must have been thinking Kat and then m for meanders. Actually it's obvious I wasn't thinking.

  25. It isn't a biggie. I figured you were thinking of the 2 words of my blog title. *smile* I've done similar, and some embarassing Spoonerisms as well as letting my Freudian slip show on numerous occaision.

    ETA: Link with funny examples of Spoonerisms.

    ETA2: Not to say I didn't laugh along with the rest at my error. I can't bring up examples but I recall the impression that some were quite funny.

  26. Ok, I emptied my spam box. And not long after doing so, the spam count has increased by one, when I go to look over my spam, Askimet says my spam box is empty. "You have no spam currently in the queue. Must be your lucky day. :)" Yet, it just increased by one. So, I guess it is eating comments after all? Am I right in thinking it only auto-deletes duplicate comments if they are the same as what is in the spambox, or does it somehow "know" (even if the spambox is emptied) that it is a duplicate post?

  27. Askimet has recently started treating comments from regular readers of my site as spam. This morning I logged in and the count was 21. Then, it jumped to 38, but nothing is in the folder. As mentioned above, how can we tell Askimet is not deleting comments?

  28. Mine are being deleted instantly as well, and I moderate all comments. The one time it did hold them in the queue one of the two wasn't spam. I'd like to be able to moderate them myself.

  29. I had posted this research in another thread concerning these issues and will post it here as well.

    First off a disclaimer: I still believe there may be some problems with Akismet, but after rooting around in the .org forum and in various other places in the recent past, I found a couple things that might explain some of the things we see with Akismet. Since none of this comes directly from Akismet, it's caveat emptor (let the buyer beware), but the following does seem to answer some of the questions. Sadly I did not bookmark any of the sources, but I will try to find them again for future reference.

    If you happen to get 10 identical spams from the same source, Akismet will not display the duplicates; you will only see 1 of the 10 (makes sense; why show you all 10 identical spams from the exact same source?). Once you have identified a certain comment as spam by marking it such in your comments, or if it shows up in under "Aksimet Spam" and you confirm that it is spam by deleting it, then any additional comments from that source will be caught, and your count will increase, but they will not be displayed (again, it makes sense; you had already identified that source as a spammer to Aksimet and why should it ask you to again confirm as spam what you have already identified as spam?).

  30. the question is: does it also mark as spam (without asking you!) what OTHER users had marked as spam before?

    To come back to the very first topic: my blog is quite new - i never had the opportunity to SEE MYSELF if ANY comment that got sorted out as spam actually was spam or not. only the number increases. And i check the comments regularly, so its not due to me waiting too long.

    And yes, i would like to have comments on entrys older than 30 days ! Many blogs i read have active discussions on older entrys. That depends on the kind of blog you have. I think this should really be reconsidered.

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