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askimet problem

  1. This morning I notified my askimet plugin doesn't work (I have a blog on my own host). I go to Askimet Configuration in Admin (Plugins) and i saw this message: "Your key appears invalid. Double-check it."
    I login in my WordPress account and in i have the same API Key.
    Something happened with Askimet plugin ?

    //I apologize for my english.

  2. If you host your own site, you should ask at the forum:

    Our free blogs here at run under a different software.

  3. Actually staff has mentioned that Akismet gets dealt with here since this is where folks get the offsite keys.

    Check with your host. 99% of the time, they've done something to break the server. Make sure that PHP can use port 80 on your server outbound as well as fopen. Usually the cause is something's been upgraded and a setting has been changed. Akismet is working fine over here with over 5k spams caught in the last week.


  4. Don't know if you have resolved this but I had the same problem. Make sure you have the latest version, after I updated it worked fine.

  5. @tommy22to
    I think you may want to be in this other forum
    At we bloggers just blog and sysadmin provides the latest version upgrades on this wordpress MU blogging platform.

  6. TT - see drmike's answer above

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