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Askimet Spammed All My Comments

  1. Any comments I post on blogs are labeled as spam by Askimet. Nice. I've been de-spammed by several people but the problem still persists. After a few days I'm suppose to be out of the Askimet database, but no dice.

    This is a royal PITA. Is there anyway to speed this up? I've already sent a message to Askimet.

  2. This should be fixed now?

  3. Same here. Any post that I write on blogs are labelled as spam... 'I've been de-spammed by several people but the problem still persists'. Identical problem.

  4. No, but I have e-mail adress on site.

  5. If a domain does not exist, the email address cannot exist so if Akismet thinks the domain does not exist it will stop comments using that email.
    Your profile here has the autograf address, so using that will mean comments are stopped.

    If you use another email address you should be okay.

  6. If I change e-mail address in blog options it should be okay? Thanks.

  7. Yupie! It works! Thanks a lot.

  8. hello, i have no idea why Askimet thinks "[email redacted]" is a non-existent domain. most of my friends have gmail or yahoo accounts and they have been unable to comment on my blog.

  9. Give us a link to your blog so we can try it for ourselves.

  10. Monitoring my spam, lately I've seen a lot of it coming from gmail accounts (or at least that is what is being put into the email field). Prior to that I was seeing a lot of spam listed with yahoo email addresses.

  11. The spam has really slowed down on my blogs. Which is a good things :-)

    But a lot does come from gmail accounts. A friend of mine actually blocked registration for his forums from people who had gmail until he got his captcha working because spam was so bad.

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