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    Up to last month Askimet has caught all SPAM. But it missed 6 last month (June) and 12 so far this month (July). All to the SAME blog post.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Spam happens and sometimes the spammers figure out how to beat the system for a while – just mark the comment as “spam” and Akismet will learn – if you just delete the spam comment you are not telling Akismet that it made a mistake



    Just to put this in perspective “12” spams in one day is diddly squat. I have removed over a hundred today and there will be more. The fact the spam comments are all to the same post bring this issue up- spam attracts spam. Go to all those approved comments on that post and scrutinize each every one of them. If one is an approved spam comment then that why the other spammers are hitting on it.



    But it missed 6 last month (June) and 12 so far this month (July). All to the SAME blog post.

    Oh dear. I misunderstood you and I pologize. You are claiming there have been 12 legitimate comments ie. false positives.



    Hi thanks for the answers so far.
    just to clarify. They WERE spam and ask has missed them.
    I have marked all of them as SPAM. The only comments left on my blog are ones from people I know personally or am connected with directly on Tw/FB.
    Thanks for putting the numbers in perspective.
    I just seems strange that there were none missed and now lots.
    Thanks again, :)



    Akismet is almost always right, but it may occasionally miss a spam comment (in my blog this has happened about once every 10.000 spam comments). When a spam comment escapes Akismet and gets posted, then you get flooded by more spam comments from the same source (under various bogus names) on the same post. Marking those comments as spam was the right thing to do: that’s the way Akismet learns and protects all of us even better.

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