askimet widget’s hard to see

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    I put an Askimet widget on my sidebar, but it’s just a foggy blur. I don’t see this problem on other people’s blogs- could this be a problem with my template?



    The font looks a little pale to me but when I hover over it the font darkens.



    it very well may be theme-related, but it might be browser-related, too. It looks bad to me using FireFox on a Mac.



    @moonbeammacqueen and judy
    Yes it’s pale on windows xp using firefox Perhaps it’s pale on other blogs too. I can’t say for sure. Because it has nothing whatseoever to do with Akismet operating – it’s just, in essence, a bragging widget – I don’t use it on my blogs.


    Hmmm…Maybe since it’s so dim, it means that I’m just “quietly” bragging. It’s not important enough for me to keep– think I’ll remove it. Thanks for the feedback!



    No problem and if you do want to report this to staff then please do.
    Happy blogging. :)

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