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    I have tried twice now to ask a question on the forums. Once on the Themes section and again on the Staff section regarding my blog.
    Every time I post the question, it will immediately state:

    Topic Closed

    This topic has been closed to new replies.

    Any ideas why?

    The blog I need help with is



    You’ve tried and succeeded in asking questions several times. Which one of these were you referring to?



    Hi raincoaster,

    Thanks for the reply, it was for these two:

    I was just concerned as it kept stating that the topic had been closed immediately after having posted? I was wondering if any text in my question had triggered a spam bot, hence killing it?

    Both still say that they are closed when clicking on them.




    That’s interesting. Usually I can see closed threads; both those links take me to the main forum page, so the threads have been deleted as well. I can certainly see your post here

    The forum has been having odd glitches and been aggressive with putting people in the Spam category lately. Since this thread shows up, obviously if you WERE in the spam category, you’re out now.



    Hmm, just tried to ask the question again and the exact same thing happened. Topic closed immediately?

    Am I able to place the question here in a reply and get it moved to a new thread?




    But you already KNOW the answer to that question. You gave it in the thread I referenced above. Why would you keep asking it?

    NOW you’re getting sent to spam for asking the same question over and over.


    I am editing on a blog user name (email redacted) There are 2 issues I am trying to help her with.
    1. Her dashboard does not show “Appearance’ selection where widgets are

    2. On her site there is something called ‘Feed burner’ which perhaps is some form of widget for which we want to get rid of.
    The author of the site has tried to get answers and I am helping her edit her posts and fix her site and would appreciate your help in this..My name is Diane Rawn and I have a wordpress site also writerwannabe763 Please help Thank You


    I have a question that I have tried to get an answer to but keep getting sent to forums that do not relate;;;

    When I am doing a blog and I want to include another blog site url so that when readers are reading my blog can click on it and go to their site automatically…how do I do the link within my blog.
    For example there are awards given and I want to my nominees sites within my blog…

    Thank You in advance


    We need a link to the site you are talking about. It sounds as if it might be self-hosted on a third-party hosting service such as godaddy, bluehost, etc.


    The above reply is for @writerwannabe763.



    I hope I have given you the link correctly to the site where ‘feed burner’ shows.


    I obviously did it incorrectly. It is


    I obviously did it incorrectly. It is


    I’m sorry for the repetition but I got a warning that it might not have been saved….


    Alright, that is a wordpress.COM site. If you are not seeing the “appearance” menu item on the left of the dashboard, then that means you are not set up as an administrator on the site. What appears in the dashboard navigation is dependent on the role assigned to each user. Go to users > all users in the dashboard and see what role is assigned to you. If you are not an administrator, then you will have to have the blog owner change that.

    The feedburner thing would be a text widget and the owner probably had things set up at one time so that users could sign up for email alerts about new posts. If the owner already has subscribers on feedburner, it might be best to stay with feedburner since there is no way to import those subscribers. You need to use the plain HTML version of the feedburner code, not the javascript version.

    If the owner does not have subscribers on feedburner, you can use the follow blog widget that wordpress provides.

    For the links, are you talking about links in a blog post? If so, see this support page on links.


    Regarding links ‘yet again’ I’m afraid general information like html and visual doesn’t help me understand.
    Could you explain to me exactly how to put a link in my blog so that when it appears readers will be directly linked to that site.
    For example I would likely have go to the persons site and ‘copy’ their url so I can paste it into my blog …the question is then what exactly do I have to do before ‘pasting’ I press something before pasting it? Because if I just paste it…readers don’t get automatically sent to their site. That’s what I’ve done in error before.

    Sorry to be a pest, but I’m really trying to learn this stuff a little at a time. I’ve only been blogging since Nov.2011 . This became pertinent since I was given some awards and have to choose other nominees and put their sites in my blog..




    Could you explain to me exactly how to put a link in my blog so that when it appears readers will be directly linked to that site.

    links in posts and pages >
    links in text widgets >

    General link model:
    <a href="URL HERE">Highlighted anchor text here</a>

    You type the anchor text in first. Then you use your mouse to highlight the anchor text ie. to “select” it. Then you click the link icon and the pop-up box appears for you to type the URL etc. into.

    On the bottom of your Admin page you will find a link to the Learn blogging Tutorial prepared by Staff.
    The support documentation is all found at the Support link which is also on the bottom of your Admin page.


    what is anchor text…you mean the actual blog

    But if I just want to list the links themselves at the bottom of the blog and not within it ..there is no anchor text…am I right…I’m just trying to understand this one issue that seems for me to be a stumbling block…



    Anchor text is the words you link to. Here are two examples:

    I type the anchor text one cool site and highlight it with my mouse. Then I insert the link title and link into the pop-up and click “insert”. The code looks like this:
    <a href="">one cool site</a>
    The end result is this one cool site

    I type the anchor text this time – this space and highlight it with my mouse. Then I insert the link title and the link into the pop-up. The code looks like this:
    <a href="">this time - this space</a>
    The end result is this this time – this space


    Regarding the question previously re not having ‘Appearance’ and also ‘users’ so no access to widgets…etc. the person whose account I am helping edit…said she did not have her blog account anywhere else and does not understand why her dashboard is not the same as it should be..I am helping her sort this out …as she tried and couldn’t. Her url is How can she get the ‘Appearance and Users and whatever else she is missing on to her dashboard? Thank you so much for helping… Diane/Cindy

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