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Assembling Bloggers who Blog about Japan! =^.^=

  1. Hello!

    I am looking for other bloggers in Japan, who are interested in Japan, who have been to Japan, are Japanese, etc etc etc.

    I am starting a new blog about the experiences of a foreigner in this country. Japan is such an interesting place, and the longer I'm here and the deeper I understand things, the more I realize how different my home culture and country are.

    Next I will probably re-realize how similar they are!

    But in the meantime, who else is writing about Japan, or is interested in Japan. Shall we share blogs and exchange comments, advice, etc?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have written just one post about Japan and the problems the average citizen is facing due to the tsunami and nuclear accident. I don't know much about the country but have sympathy for their situation. I am also appalled at how quickly it has left the headlines in the US.

  3. I live in Japan and occasionally blog about my experiences (or fake experiences) there. It's fun!

  4. Oh, I know you already. I didn't even read your name at first! My bad! Hahahahah.

  5. See here please and prepare yourself for viewing a gorgeous blog using the Twenty Eleven theme >

  6. Thanks everyone for the feedback! Beautiful blogs all around~ And it's good to see you again, Maxims Madness. :P

    But are we the only bloggers though that are Japan-focused?? There must be more of us out there!

  7. Still looking for other Japan bloggers! Where are you??

  8. @angrygaijin
    Hello there. I have been here for over 5 years and I know that most of the millions of bloggers do not post to this forum ever, so don't hold your breathe and hang out here waiting. To find them you need to search for them.
    (1) Google search results
    (2) Global tag pages search

  9. Thanks again timethief. Your reply has given me an epiphany! I will continue to check those posts out and do other google searches.

    Seriously, thanks a bunch!

  10. I'm glad I helped you. You're welcome. :)

  11. Hi!
    I have a blog on where I post photo & some text about my life in Tokyo (mostly).

  12. Here's another one you may want to consider:
    Tess's Japanese Kitchen: Cooking Japanese in the U.S.

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