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Assign Pages to Categories

  1. Is it possible to assign pages to a category?

  2. Nope. Requested the feature for the self-hosted version months ago, no deal. However, the way pages are handled has had a lot of work done on it recently so now's a better time to ask; submit a feedback to the admins.

  3. Thanks for the reply, wank. Feedback submitted.

  4. How odd. If you can't categorize page content, then why does it display as "Filed under: Uncategorized" as if I put it there? It's too bad that there's no way to remove that line from page headings so that they don't look like posts.


  5. How odd. If you can't categorize page content, then why does it display as "Filed under: Uncategorized" as if I put it there?

    Might be theme specific. If you look at the backend (ie the database) of WP, you'll discover that posts and pages are stored within the same table. (At least they were last time I looked...) Something in the theme or WP may be seeing the empty category field and throwing that out.

  6. On my Pages, it seems to have put the default category - which I had set to knitting. This topic seems to be saying there is no way to correct the category which the theme assigned to my pages. Is that true? If so, it seems to be a problem...

  7. Just to share with everyone, I've come up with a workaround for this problem. I renamed my default category from "uncategorized" (which I never use) to "Pages". Now my pages actually say "Filed under: Pages", and, if I should forget to properly tag one of my posts, the worst thing that will happen is that it will be filed "Pages" as well.


    P.S. Strangely, the word "Pages" at the top of my pages still links to the default WordPress "uncategorized" tag.

  8. @ptvguy

    that's interesting, keep us updated on this: "Strangely, the word "Pages" at the top of my pages still links to the default WordPress "uncategorized" tag"
    cause otherwise it's some smart workaround

  9. Yeah, thanks, ptvguy and jennhx.

    I've been publishing my short stories as pages rather than posts, so that people can read em' and slam em' all on one page, but how are people gonna find em' if'n' they ain't categorized?

    Guess I'll try that workaround.

  10. Doesn't work. You can change the name, but if you click on it, you still go to Uncategorized. I experienced similar hangups when I changed the names of pages I'd created.

    I've just sent in some feedback. Hopefully our voices joined together will move hearts at the top.

  11. Here's another workaround. Paste an excerpt from your page in a blog post, add a link to the page, categorize the page and let rip.

  12. Hey, everyone, here's another categories related problem that I hit recently: too many categories. Three posts in and my categories list is already outgrowing the sidebar. The whole point of categorizing my posts is to make them the most useful (and findable) to my readers. So, what to do...

    I highlighted all my category links in the sidebar, hit CTRL-C to copy them, went into My Dashboard, created a new page called "Categories A-Z", and just pasted all of them right into the editor. Poof...I have a page devoted to my category list. (I may rename this page to "Blog Index" or something else later.) Then I went to the Presentation section of the Dashboard and removed Categories from my sidebar.

    The main problem with this solution is that it's not self-updating like the sidebar. That means that as I create more categories (and I'm now free to go hog-wild and make as many as I want) I'll either have to manually update the page to add each category in it's appropriate place with the proper link or restore the sidebar, copy the whole list again, paste it over the current content of that page, and then remove the sidebar each time. Personally, I'm inclined toward the manual approach since I expect to reach a point where I'm going to have to provide page links to get users quickly to links near the end of the list.

    Anyway, I just thought that I'd share this in case anyone else was having similar problems.

  13. Ya, I hope WordPress.Com can come up with some solution to Page categorisation. I see great potential for blooking (blogging as books instead of as diary/newsletter) after reading the news about US cook who won the blogging book prize.

    Page categorisation can transform a blog into an e-book.

  14. If you're really interested in writing books online you should probably look into self-hosting WP and then tweaking the theme so that it displays posts in chronological order (earliest first). I keep meaning to get around to doing this for the NaNoWriMo book I started on blogger.

  15. You can also number your pages as well. Sort of "Chapter 01 - This is my first chapter", "Chapter 02 - The Butler did it", "Chapter 03 - Life in the big house", etc. That would get it in order. I would use a theme though that displayed pages along the right sidebar though. Filling in the space across the top would make things look bad. Unless you did it as subpages I guess...

    I vote for a self hosted blog as well. I think there's even a plug in for book hosting. Matt and crew has stated I believe that the pages are seperate from the post structure. Thinking of that, I don't think they're going to drop them into categories any time soon but insert my typical "I'm just a volenteer here" warning.

  16. Thanks for all you input. I am just toying with the idea of blooking. Since the announcement of unlimited blogs allowed, I thought maybe I could start new blogs and use them for my profession. I am a medical doctor and see the blogs as great free tools to put together online medical literature such as those from PubMed that are relevant to my work. I am afraid most of my collegues still read from printed journals. To make it into a useful archive of medical evidence, I think Pages are more effective than Posts for this purpose. Anyway, I appreciate all your suggestions. TQ.

  17. hey sorry I am a new born blogger : I don't understand how to record my posts under a category. I write i.e. 'Bali' in the category while writing my post. Then I click enter or 'add', and in both cases it just cancels what I just wrote as category name.
    2nd question : can I record posts already saved under a category (different that uncategorized ?)
    I'm fed up with Uncategorized !!! don't manage to change it !!!

  18. And to change the category name, should I tick or untick 'blogroll' and/or 'uncategorized' ???

  19. Categorization of pages often comes up. There is no technical limitation preventing doing this. It is a purposeful design decision. But, that decision is looking a bit dated, so things might change. We'll argue about it some more on the WordPress design lists. :-)

  20. Yes, there is no obstacle assigning categories to pages, I've even done that in a few minutes:

    IMHO making pages categorized like posts is better than forcing a simple-minded tree hierarchy.

    However, the problem is how to present them and make them easily accesssible by bloggers and readers alike. Currently one has to create a page for the purpose of listing all other pages, that's very inconvenient.

  21. ryan said:

    There is no technical limitation preventing doing this. It is a purposeful design decision.

    and a rather absurd one, I should say.

    [just as well absurd as famous 'Global Tags'* links in the user's post header/footer which forcibly bring visitors to the site-wide list of simillary tagged posts without leaving them a choice to find/browse particular tagged posts on the blog they've initially landed to (from a search engine for instance) instead of all that other's posts.]

    apparently, this purposeful design decision is a keystone which notorious "state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability" is based on, as proudly states wp motto.

    But, that decision is looking a bit dated, so things might change. We'll argue about it some more on the WordPress design lists. :-)

    so, how is it going, is there any progress? ;-)

    * see also:

    I Hate WordPress Global Tags
    comments on global tags are mess Forums » Tags » global_tags

  22. I'll add my voice here - it would be great if we could have our pages categorised in the same way as blog posts. Please let us know if there is any update on this?

  23. Yes, me too. I hate the global tags.

  24. As far as I know there is no plan underfoot to do this. Pages are not like posts. They sit outside the blog structure. Also if you check the forum searchbox you will find threads that contain no indication whatsoever that this is even being considered. Your best bet is to address staff directly for a definitive answer.

  25. Thank god for this topic! Thanks to ptvguy for sharing how he got all the categories on a page. Im new to blogging and wordpress is really confusing. Until theres a better way I like this idea!

  26. When I first came here I benefited greatly from ptvguy's instructions. Don't forget to make your request to staff for the ability to assign categories to pages feature.

    For others reading this thread the work - around can be found here

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